Celebrating the New Year in Oakland

The in-school Chinese New Year Celebration, an integral tradition of the boys school, occurred on February 5th, 2019, and, just as the ambiance of festivity began to falter, the boys school revived the spirit of the New Year in the bay area later that week. The students were invited to perform at Dragon Mountain Park in Milpitas on February 9th, but the performances were cut short due to inclement weather. However, they managed to perform at Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) on February 10th-showcasing the festive spectacles of lion dance, dragon dance, and 24 seasons drumming. Despite the impediments of rain and cold, the boys school clubs did not disappoint, successfully exhibiting the Chinese traditions for some 500 participants. For some, it was their first exposure to such a vast and expansive culture. Other events that occurred at OMCA that day include martial arts, tai-chi, and traditional calligraphy. This year’s event managed to break the attendances recordwith over 4000 partakers-and was a major success

Nuoyan Wang + Marvin Wang

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-DVBS Archive Team-

Written by: Alston Liu (Class of 2022)

Visuals by: Gwynn Lim (12th) + Jacky Zheng (12th) + Nuoyan Wang (10th)

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02/08/2019. Everyone packed up and went on a long 3 hour car ride to Fremont. Exhausted, we quickly unpacked, showered, and went to bed.

02/09/2019. We woke up at 7:30, changed and headed for Dragon Mountain Park. It started to rain hard during the lion dance performance, so we had to cancel the other performances. We then headed to Oakland museum, rehearsed for the rest of the day, and headed back to the Fremont monastery. Tired, we showered, ate dinner, and went right to bed, awaiting the performances on the next day.

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02/10/2019. Everyone woke up, prepared and went to the Oakland Museum. We finished setting up the stage for the first performance: lion dance. As the first performance began, everyone who was watching became excited for the remainder of the day’s events. We happily took turns staying at the booths, selling Chinese lanterns and other Chinese decorations. The day continued with other performances and ended with our awesome dragon dance, scaring away the evil and wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

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DVBS Archive Team

February 28, 2019