Global Awareness

Out with the Old, In with the New

By Naomi Seng (Class of 2022) – 9th grade

February 6, 2019

Chinese New Year is a precious holiday known for its splendid festivity, ravishing decorations of red, delightful feasts, and most importantly, its gatherings to send forth warm greetings.

This year, the students of Developing Virtue Girls School embraced the season with supreme enthusiasm and joy toward the community. They first arrived at the Tower of Blessings to visit the elderly nuns. The students sent forth their greatest blessings by performing traditional Chinese New Year songs and greeting the nuns with heartwarming smiles. Seeing enjoyment written all over the nuns’ faces, the students truly felt honored to be present at the moment.

After a sumptuous banquet prepared by devoted kitchen staff, the students strode toward the high school building, where exquisite red posters were displayed. Hosted by sophomores, the event was successful and exciting. The DVGS students assembled in the school’s Chan hall, filling the atmosphere with continuous chatter and laughter. The activities were organized into four stations, along with four groups of students.

For the first station, the energetic students were engaged in playing musical chairs, accompanied by upbeat Chinese new year music and followed by intense freeze tag. Melodious notes filled the air; festive beats lifted their spirits. The students felt unrestrained joy.

After sprinting around for a while, the students were then rewarded with a voluminous amount of delicious food at the second station. The students were introduced to the symbolization of essential traditional Chinese New Year dishes, which included steamed, homemade dumplings, radish cakes, pineapple tarts, and tangerines.

Other than happily gobbling up the after-lunch snacks, the students were able to experience the process of making dumplings, through the instruction of a skillful auntie. Although it was considered a difficult task for beginners, the students felt gratified in being able to acquire a fascinating experience and knowledge despite the results of the dumplings.

Last but not least, the students were presented with captivating videos and intriguing narration on the Chinese New Year celebration. Before the event ended, the students mingled, conversed, and joked together.

Dressed in scarlet-red, Chinese New Year is always a time of giving warm wishes and celebrating the past and coming year. Yet this year’s celebration was especially buoyant. The food, the greetings to nuns, the games, and the conversations connected the students in an inexplicable way. Their dreams might come true when pigs fly, but this year, the New Year spirit made even the most ambitious dreams seem attainable.

Photography: Sola Long (Class of 2021); Thuy Nguyen and Rachel Blythe (Class of 2022)

Video: Iris Ng (Class of 2021)