Hello from Joseph Wei. Class of ’98

Version 3Where are you?

Portland, Oregon

Major? Job Title?

Business Development and Product Marketing Manager at Lam Research.  We are a Fortune 500 Semiconductor Processing Equipment company in Deposition, Etch, Strip and Clean used in fabrication of integrated circuits. It’s likely that nearly all of your consumable electronics contain advanced chip made with Lam Research technology. I have been with Lam for 8 years starting as a Process Development Engineer and worked in various roles across different business units over the years.  Currently I am responsible for all the 200mm deposition tools as well as a couple 300mm tools in HDP (High Density Plasma) and PECVD (Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition). In my role, I evaluate and provide a solution utilizing Lam Research advance technology that will increase productivity and technology differentiation for our customers.  I set the tool target price to ensure healthy gross margin for the company, review technical purchasing specs for compliance, differentiate our technical performance from competitors, and drive the technical teams to meet our commitments.

Why did you pick that major? Career?

It was my dream to become a medical doctor growing up, but changed my mind in college. I just could not bear the responsibility of making a life or death decision for my patients. I ended up becoming a doctor, but just not a medical one (which my physician friends like to refer to it as a fake doctor, lol). Solving complex problems by uncovering facts, analyzing all the data and break them down and applying fundamental science to our daily life have been a passion of mine.  Thus, naturally it led me down to the path of a career in engineering.

I always told myself that if I ever stop learning at work, then it’s time to move on. It’s not simply just a job; it’s a career. It should be mutually beneficial especially intellectually. I have been lucky enough to have opportunities within Lam to work on various projects and to grow and advance my career. For my early days, I was focusing on building a solid technical foundation. Recently, I have move towards to the business side, which still heavily rely on a strong technical background but gaining insight to the business world.

Favorite memory at CTTB?

It has been such a long time ago. I felt that I am trying to remember something from the Qing Dynasty era. The most important thing is definitely the very tight-knit community. It’s the home to most of us where we spent a very important part of our life. Our bonds to the City and to the people whom we grew up with are special, unique and very difficult to describe. Most people would not understand unless you have experienced it.

The craziest thing I remember is when Justin and I jumped into the Lotus Pond next to the Buddha Hall for hours trying to locate his counting device. Luckily we did not have a repercussion from that event.

Your background

Born in Taiwan, Grow up in the City, Educated in Seattle, and now working in Portland. I bleed purple and gold, and I am a true Husky. Received all of my degrees from the University of Washington: Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, and dual Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnology.

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