Core Virtues

IGDVBS Virtue Program

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Visuals: Chee Hee Seng (12) + Chern Gwynn Lim (12)

Virtue Program

Proposed by Chee Hee Seng (12), Associated Student Council President


The purpose of our school is to create good people who benefit humanity. We want to help students manifest the core virtues of kindness, filial piety, respect, trustworthiness, fairness, citizenship, integrity and humility.

Virtue Program

We are focusing on one virtue each month, and since there are eight more months left in this school year, we can complete our understanding of the eight core virtues together as a school.


Virtue of the Month (VOM)

Filial Piety – Oct, Kindness – Nov, Citizenship – Dec, Trustworthiness – Jan, Respect – Feb, Fairness – Mar, Integrity – Apr, Humility – May, Conclusion – June.


Each month, we have:

    1. Virtue Quotes- Each month we will replace the content in the school stairwell and hallway bulletin boards with quotes emphasizing the VOM.
    2. Virtue Tree- A tree with branches but no leaves. There will be paper leaves on the side with markers for students to recognize each other by writing the good deeds of another student on a leaf and hanging it on the tree.
    3. Virtue Activities- Focus on the virtue of the month in class as part of their curriculum, (e.g. a project, or essay, discussion or sharing a personal story), and these projects will be posted on the Virtue Walls.



Video Recap:

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December 3, 2018