Student Work

Fun at the Open Art Studio

By Raven Li (class of 2020)

Photographs by Raven Li (class of 2020)

Every Monday afternoon, students passionate about art get together in the open art studio, where they spend two hours experiencing art. The art studio is open to every student from grades 6-12 at Developing Virtue Girls School, providing a year-long art course given by Ms. Linda Tucker. 

For most members of the “art studio,” it is more than just an art class; it is where they get to be creative, challenge themselves, or just simply be relieved of stress through art. Students have never felt restricted doing art here, for there is no standard or limits to their skills and ideas. Ms. Linda, the art studio’s teacher, always encourages students to try new things and not worry about making mistakes, which makes the whole process very relaxing and fun.

At the art studio, students are free to either do their own projects or take a weekly challenge. A weekly challenge is a project assigned by Ms. Linda that students can work on when they “don’t know what to do.” 

So far, a number of creative projects have been completed, such as pouring, blind contour drawing, and T-shirt designing. Outstanding student works will be exhibited in an art showcase in the spring of 2019. In addition, student works from many other classes, such as photography and calligraphy classes, will be featured under the theme of Healing. Please come join this showcase of young artists in the spring!

Pour Painting by Developing Virtue Girls School students of Open Art Studio - Fall, 2018.
Pour Painting