Core Virtues

Instilling Goodness Food Bank Visit

-DVBS Archive Team-

Written by: Chee Hee Seng (Class of 2019)

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“In the future, when they start working, they will base their actions on virtue and serve as models for others. People will look up to and learn from them, and their influence will gradually reverse the unwholesome trends of society.” -Venerable Master Hua

Every Wednesday, the fifth and sixth grade boys from Instilling Goodness Elementary School would visit the local food bank to help distribute the food to the homeless and needy community. With this act of kindness, we hope to inspire more people to learn to give to others and help end the epidemics in our current society. 

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Special thanks to:

Jin Kai Shr and Ms. Emelia Moore for organizing this trip and helping students develop a sense of global awareness.

The staff members of the Food Bank for making it possible for our students to help.

Mr. Nakula Hertz for driving the students to the Food Bank.


-DVBS Archive Team-

October 17, 2018