Mid-Autumn Moon Festival 2018

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Photos by: Gwynn Lim (12), Bangyang Qiu (12), Richard Shieh (10), William Wang (10), Nuoyan Wang (10)

Videos by: Bangyang Qiu (12), Zhidao Leeroybruce (11)

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9/22/18. It was a moment of sadness. It was a moment of sorrow. In the background, Titanic’s theme song “My Heart Will Go On” was playing. Star-crossed lovers Hou Yi (Nuoyan) and Chang E (Olivier) were dancing and twirling in woe due to their ill-fated separation. However, the mood was shattered by the uncontrollable laughter of the audience. Once again, it was time for an amazing Moon Festival celebration.

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As per tradition, the Moon Festival was celebrated with an incredible play by the sophomore class with a plot revolving around the legend of Chang E. (Youtube links above) However, what was unusual was the level of humor incorporated into the play through very hopelessly lame puns; or should I say, Hou Pless puns.

Moreover, this year’s story took an interesting turn, with the sophomores devising a plot revolving around time travel and UFOs. The unorthodox play differed dramatically from the traditional legend, yet it somehow managed to deliver a sensational performance.

“Did you forget me Hou Yi?! I’m your brother Hou Mless” -Xin Hung

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Let’s not forget the delicious food people enjoyed while watching the play, as well as the fun mini-games organized by the freshman class (all the younger kids absolutely loved the mini-basketball throw). The event also included the first live premier of the English version of the new school song (Youtube link above).

Finally, the event was concluded with the traditional games of musical chairs. An intense and exhausting competition pursued, and the winners were Chee Hee Seng (12) and Alston Liu (9).

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What a night  🙂

Video Recap:

-DVBS Archive Team-

October 5, 2018