A Spiritual Hike in Nature

-DVBS Archive Team-

Written by: Alston Liu (Class of 2022) + Sam Yap (Class of 2022)

Photos by: Alston Liu (9) + Mr. Justin Hu

The towering redwoods in Montgomery Woods is a sight few people have a chance to witness. The trip took place on September 14, 2018. The 30-minute rocky trip from the Developing Boys School to the mountains was nauseating, and many of us had nothing in our stomachs, fortunately. When we arrived, the teachers, Nakula Hertz and Justin Hu, provided the materials to make a healthy lunch, a sandwich consisting of whole wheat bread, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, and sour cream. The class of 2022 lined up to fill their starving stomachs. As the boys devour one after another of the DIY sandwiches, our Ethics teacher, Mr. Hu, told us a story.

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Afterwards, the boys along with Mr. Hu were energized and started the 10 minute hike in silence. We were instructed to reflect on ourselves as we strolled through the woods. At first, the boys were restless, and couldn’t keep up with the fast pace… 




Eventually, however, everyone went on to their own comfortable spot and started to quietly do their work. As people started to read or write, they actually began to ponder deeply about life, seeing a different world. Some people start to realize that people struggle more and more as the world improves step by step. They also realized that the more improved our lives become, the more competitive we get. The class of 2022 starts to realize a sense of “what is life?” or “what is the purpose of life?”, and starts writing their opinions about the article with their own thoughts.


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–DVBS Archive Team–

September 26, 2018