Core Virtues

Year in Review 1

by Brandy Quach (Class of 2018)

This school year was filled with many memories and experiences. From acts of service and fun bonding moments, the students of IGDVGS traversed the year with their usual passion and joy.

FALL 2017

IMG_3880 IMG_3900

After the Peace Walk, students gathered in the dining hall to participate in another way to celebrate peace. As everyone came together to break bread, a symbolic peace offering, smiles were shared and happiness spread in everyone’s heart as IGDVGS gathered together for a day of love and kindness.

IMG_3904 IMG_3905

In honor of Peace Day, the students of DVGS worked together to make over one thousand paper cranes. This practice developed from the story of Sadako and the one thousand cranes, and provided a great opportunity for the students to come together and practice their artistic abilities. 

IMG_4023 IMG_4027

Twelfth graders sit with elementary students as they volunteer for the local Boys and Girls Club. Each week, DVGS students prepare activities, such as making bubbles and measuring water tension through the use of water droplets on pennies, to help the students learn science in more interesting and fun ways.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 11.01.12 AM

This forum on racism was intended to spread positive awareness of racial differences and the triumphs of two women who lived through the civil rights movement. The forum speakers, Marion Kwan and Dr. Joyce Owens, were both inspiring and uplifting as they discussed their experiences to the students of DVGS.


The sophomores gather around their AP World History and English teacher, Dr. Patterson, as they congratulate and celebrate her playing of the ukulele at the inauguration of the local railroad. 


The Redcross food distribution centre at Ukiah High School.


Stop! Drop! Roll! With the danger of the Northern California forest fire spreading to Ukiah, the students of IGDVGS practice fire safety drills with their teachers and the local Ukiah firemen. 


The eleventh and twelfth graders of DVGS took a trip to the local St. Mary’s Church to further their knowledge and gain hands-on experience for their World Religion class. The students not only had a chance to attend Mass, they also had the opportunity to meet the students of St. Mary’s as well and discuss their thoughts on their experience. 

IMG_4290 IMG_4307

The elementary students of DVGS rest and smile to pose for a picture before returning to their hard work. Graciously helping the schools, the students rake a walkway in between the high school and the elementary school to clear the leaves and prepare for a long winter.


As the holiday season quickly arrives, the students of DVGS prepare for a fun and sustainable Christmas by making their own Christmas tree. Using recycled bottles, each student had an opportunity to decorate any which way they would like to contribute to the community Christmas tree. 


The ninth graders of DVGS perform for the elders

IMG_4350 IMG_4904

With the holiday season arriving, the girls school embraced the holiday spirit of giving and helped out the community in their own way. The students had fun as they helped gift wrap presents for those in need and made the upcoming Christmas a day of giving back to the community


It’s Friday night and the students have gathered in the Chan Hall to bond over some popcorn and card games. Playing the ever-entertaining Apples to Apples, the students spent the night laughing and enjoying themselves.