Mother’s Day 2018

By Karen Liang  and Naomi Seng (Class of 2022)

Loud murmurs of Girls School trampling in the dining hall resounded in the room as heartwarming smiles dance on the faces of our honorable Dharma Masters and aunties. On May 11th, both Elementary and Secondary Girl Students, each having three cards in hand, passed it out with sincerity and gratefulness to honor the dedication of diligent women. As the cards were delivered, each student would say words relating to the event. Surprised and struck with joy, the women gratefully accepted our delicately hand-crafted cards as we humbly thought we were destined to do so. Weeks before Mother’s Day, students of Developing Virtue Secondary Girls School devoted hours into crafting handmade cards including a small box of raisins and simple yet meaningful quotes. These messages involve unique puns such as “Thank you for ‘raisin’ me” and the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child”. Before the day of May 11th, there was approximately a total of 400 cards.


“It was a pleasure to distribute the cards while seeing their cheerful and contented faces”, commented Jane Zhang.

On May 13th, the authentic Mother’s Day, some of the graduating class of 2018, aka seniors, went to City of Ten Thousand Buddha’s famous restaurant, Jyun Kang, to hand out additional cards to customers outside as they leave. The guests were delighted by the gifts as well as the students’ passion and generosity.

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“Although we were unable to celebrate with our biological mothers,” claimed Siyan Chan, “the experience teaches me that love and kindness can be expressed towards those who provided us with the necessities in life.”

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