Academic Excellence

Fruitful Days at the Free Clinic

by Siyan Chan (Class of 2021)

One day during the first week of April, students of Developing Virtue Girls School went to the AMEN Free Clinic[1] in Ukiah to volunteer and help out at the event. The three-day event that began on April 4, Wednesday, brought medical professionals and volunteers together to offer free dental care, general medical care, and health education services to everyone.

Some of the 10th, 11th, and 12th graders went on Tuesday, the day before the event, to help set up for the occasion — moving and setting up tables and chairs, putting up the tentage and equipment. They also went on Wednesday to volunteer at the event itself and proved to be great help in escorting the influx of people coming in, greeting everyone with a wide smile.

“I really respect all the volunteers and doctors for taking time out to participate in this event, and also the patients for being so understanding despite the long queues,” Mindy Tieu, a sophomore, commented.

On Thursday, the junior high class went to volunteer. Initially, many of them were nervous about participating as they were unsure of what to do, but soon they learned and everything went smoothly and efficiently. “It was confusing at first but it got better as we helped each other out,” said Rachel Blythe. “It was a good experience and I hope to go again if I had the chance,” Naomi Seng added.


An 8th grader serves at the AMEN Free Clinic in Ukiah.

It was soon the last day of the event, during which the freshmen went and put in their best effort in helping out, whether in the assigned jobs or just helping others in need, displaying pro-activeness and dedication.

“It was a fruitful event and I really learned a lot, including the procedures and it was nice meeting different people,” mentioned Elaine Wu. “I believe this also improved my communication skills and I’m glad I got the chance to participate in such an event,” said Annabelle Shen as she recalled her experience. Overall, it was a rewarding experience for all who participated, bringing smiles on people’s faces as well as on our own.

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[1] AMEN Free Clinic was organized by Adventist Medical Evangelism Network.