IGDVBS Halloween Celebration

by: Nuoyan Wang (Class of 2021)

Photos by: Nuoyan Wang (9) + Jacky Zheng (11)

                   Gwynn Lim (11) + Austin Quach (12)

Video by: Chee Hee Seng (11) + Zhidao Leeroybruce (10)


On Nov 4th, the Boys School Student Council with help from other students organized the annual Halloween Festival.

The event commenced with an amazing zombie dance from the 10th Grade students. Once the performance finished, the delicious pot luck began. Parents and teachers from our school community cooked delicious dishes, and brewed exquisite drinks. Chef Kevin Vo (12) made chocolate covered pretzels, while the 10th Grade class led by Marco He (10) fried cauliflower pakoras. Minigames operated by the 9th Grade occurred throughout the event, with kids tossing rings or blowing ping-pong balls from cup to cup.

Once the sun set and it was dark outside, the haunted maze began upstairs. With the juniors as operators and sophomores as scarers, every group of adventurers was horrified. As a Boys School tradition, the seniors participated last, at the greatest difficulty. Since it was their last year, the seniors were brutally chased around the maze, with no sense of mercy from the scarers. Once the three groups of seniors finished the maze, the event was closed and the party disbanded.


.                  .                   .


Abraham Batres (10) makes pastries with Mrs. Bostick



Davy Sun (10) + Marvin Wang (10) fry cauliflower pakoras






10th Grade Dance



Haunted Maze




Maze Staff



Video Recap


November 29, 2017

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