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Creating Gifts of Appreciation for Teachers: Succulent Terrariums

By Brandy Quach (Class of 2018)

It was a sunny spring day when the Developing Virtue Girls schoolers gathered on the front lawn to build their succulent terrariums. The annual Teacher’s Banquet was less than a week away and everyone was excited to create the best gifts they could to present to their teachers. For an entire year, teachers selflessly serve and gift the students with knowledge to allow them to blossom; the terrariums serve as a perfect example of their efforts.


Gathered around the four stations, every student had their own glass jar; each quickly scrambled and packed it with dirt. After the basics were accomplished, the students’ creativity was allowed to experiment and create both interesting and beautiful terrariums. Some grabbed marbles to decorate their succulents, others grabbed some twine, and some even used fishnet wrappers to inventively package their soil.


One jar after another, students excitedly rushed around the shady lawn to grab lavender from one table and rosemary from another, all the while showing off their terrariums proudly to their friends.

Teacher’s Banquet is a once-in-a-year event, but teacher appreciation should be daily. Making the succulent terrariums was only one way to give back to the people who have already given so much.

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