A Bouquet of Spring

by Iris (Class of 2021)

Spring planted a kiss on winter’s pale cheeks as the students from the Developing Virtue Girls School shared their joy and celebration of this upcoming season to the Senior Center (Autumn Leaves) by sending them a bouquet of origami flowers, letters and granola bars. The process of this gift was an unforgettable journey the students experienced. Understanding the concept of sharing and giving, we transformed a plain paper into an exquisite flower and wrote genuine messages to the elders with high hopes that they might respond.

After the students assembled the baskets of goodies and sent it over to them last April, Sophie commented, “I hope my letter could make them smile and feel warm inside.” Meanwhile Celine received a response from the elder she wrote to and shared, “I was happy and liked his sense of humor.” This celebration of Spring is an unique trip that the students and these elders had traveledIMG_2953 together.

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