2016-2017 Dragons End a 25 Year Drought


It was a tough day for both of the Dragons Basketball teams. Dragons B, already down one center, lost their starting point guard, Alan Troung, to an unfortunate rebound. He landed on his ankle halfway through the second quarter and had to sit out for the rest of the game. He watched as the other team’s lead kept increasing throughout the third quarter. In the fourth quarter however, small forward Jacky Zheng caught fire and drained 3 treys to  help cut a 20 point deficit to 4. In the end, even that didn’t prove to be enough and the Dragons B lost to Rorabaugh Earthmoving by 6 points.

Having already defeated the Accelerated Achievement Academy, the Dragons A continued further onto the playoff bracket to avenge the Dragons B. They were also short two players due to ankle injuries. Their coach, Jackson Chen, changed the game plan by changing their defensive positions. Ryan Liu tightly guarded the other point guard man-on-man while the others played zone. With the new defensive set up, along with Lucas Chew’s crucial rebounds and Jensen Tan’s amazing threes, Dragons A was able to move ahead to the finals.

The last game was going to be the hardest and toughest. Dragons A’s tallest players San Hong Lew, and Chee Hee Seng, had to match up against E&M Rental’s 6’5″ center. Near the half time, the tension between the two teams turned into an exchange of a few words, but nothing more than that. It was during the third quarter that the Dragons A’s offense really took off. All those hours of hard practice and stamina training proved beneficial in a one day playoff. They took a ten point lead in the third quarter and managed to close out strong in the fourth, bringing the Developing Virtue Boys School their first Ukiah League Basketball Championship

PG – Ryan Liu, SG- Ananda Aw, SG- Ryan Liang, SF- Jensen Tan, SF- Alvis Chew, PF- Lucas Chang, PF- Lucas Chew, C- San Hong Lew, C- Chee Hee Seng.


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