Core Virtues

Visit to the Senior Center: Autumn Leaves

By Sophia Liu (Class of 2020) and QQ Hu (Class of 2020)

On Friday, February 3, 2017, the 8th and 9th graders from the girls division of Developing Virtue Secondary School visited Ukiah Autumn Leaves, a local senior center. The students prepared various performances as well as baked goods and beverages for the senior citizens to celebrate a late Chinese New Year.


Three 8th graders and twelve 9th graders participated in this event. Performers included Emily Du and QQ Hu on the guzheng (古箏), Sophia Liu on the piano, and Jocelyn He on the pipa (琵 琶). There was also a play about the Chinese New Year, and “Flashlight” was sang by the students’ acappella.

The instrument performances were stirring and exciting. The play, “Nian (年)”, was enjoyable and lively. A senior citizen commented that the performance of “Flashlight” was “beautiful singing.”

A short meditation session with instructions was conducted for the seniors. Afterwards, one senior citizen mentioned that she really enjoyed the meditation sessions because they helped her relax.

The refreshments provided were fruits, vegetables, and crackers. The students also passed out tea, hot chocolate, and cake. The senior citizens seemed to enjoy the food.

After the performances, the students chatted with the senior citizens. Celine talked about movies and traveling with two elderly ladies, while Annabelle and Mindy shared their interests about dogs with a senior citizen and her daughter. One elder there remarked that the girls were “great conversationalists.”

Iris said that talking to the elders was “a great experience to understand and bond with them, because they changed the world and made us who we are today,” and Tammy added, “Seeing them smile made my day.”

In brief, the evening at the Ukiah Autumn Leaves senior center was cheery and hospitable. Jocelyn said, “We have learned a lot from the elders. Their stories were very interesting, it’s like we are a big family.” Both the senior citizens and the students had a fabulous time.

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