PTO-Minutes October 19, 2016

Present at the Meeting: Matt Finnegan, Jensen Tan, Roger Kellerman, Niki Clarke, Susan Summerford, Ping Huang, Bernadine Doan, Jin Jr Shr, Denise Kao, Nataindra, Alexis, Ellie, Suzanne, Shirleen Dutra, Ryan Liu, Juan Gracia, Jack Shen



Call to order 5:10 by PTO President Matt Finnegan


5:10     Discussion about minutes from last meeting. Agree to approve at the end of the meeting, once everyone has reviewed them.

Treasurer’s  Report:

5:13     Treasurer Ping Huang presents the Tresurers Report and there is discussion regarding Teacher cards and gift cards for the upcoming winter holidays. Indra talks about the reason for the cards, what has been done in the past. Discussion as to how much money is needed to purchase the gift cards from the Co-op.

5:22     Motion to approve $2000 for gift cards and cards is made and unanimously approved.


Princials Report:

5:27     Girls School Principal Jin Jr Shr reports all is well.

5:28     Boys School Principal Juan Gracia reports that the Boys School is preparing for Honoring Elders Day and that all is well.

Girls School Report:

5:28     The Girls School participated in a children’s health fair October 2 and they focused on exercise. Demonstrations included a jump rope challenge and skip ball. The girls also handed out a books on meditation and mindfulness. They also participated in the City of Ukiah Pumpkin Fest on October 15. The girls led a craft project and and also gave out information about CTTB, the schools and more books. The girls were enthusiatic about their intereactions with the public and reported folks were happy to receive the books.

The girls school also has a long standing relationship with Karma Kitchen, an organization with roots in Berkeley. The girls host a Karma Kitchen of their own on some Fridays. The San Francisco Vegetarian Society had an event in which the girls participated, giving out brownies and books, including meditation books and the CTTB cookbook. Whilst in San Francisco, the girls visited the California Academy of Sciences.

Boys School Report:

5:33     The Junior boys are hosting a Halloween party October 29 from 7-9.

No Old Business

New Business:

5:38     The Girls School BMUN club is requesting $50 to provide breakfasts during the conference. Little discussion and motiuon passes.

5:41     Indra brings up the issue of insurance for the PTO. Matt has already renewed the insurance, so procedures are discussed. Determined that Matt and Indra will coordinate and submit.

Next Meeting:

5:44     next meeting set for December 7. Motion to adjorn. Ryan Liu wins Co-op drawing.


Adjourn at 5:46


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