Academic Excellence

The Compassion of Art

By Jocelyn He (Class of 2020)

On November 4, 2016, students of Developing Virtue Girls Secondary School gathered at  Corner Gallery in Ukiah to see their own artwork hung on the walls. The Teenage Art Show is open to all teens in the city. It helps teenagers who are devoted to arts and music to develop a confident and positive mindset toward their hobbies. The art show was also held for another purpose: to give artists the opportunity to sell their own artworks. When people come to see the art show, they could leave their name and the amount of money they would pay for a certain piece of artwork. Half of the money goes to scholarships for local students, and the other half is received by the artist him/herself.

On that day, the art center was full of harmony and optimism. Although the room was small and cramped, the visitors helped bring warmth and joyfulness. The gallery’s many vivid and colorful artworks attracted more people to come and look at the astonishing pieces of creative work. People walked around admiring other artists’ artworks while enjoying their snacks. Surrounded by beautiful artwork, many decided to take photos to put the beautiful moments into memory. Bringing them to the last moment, the students then voted for the artwork that they admired the most.img_2343

The DVGS freshmen class entered their artworks with the help of their art teacher, Ms. Clark. Their artworks mainly focused on cubism in which they cut pictures into angular shapes and repainted them for which two students won third places and one received honorable mention. Seeing their own work in an art exhibit certainly left the young artists with more confidence about their own potential, not to speak of broadening their views.

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