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BMUN 64: Berkeley Model United Nations 64th Session

Student Editorial: Belle Roberts, Class of 2017

“Delegates, there is the Caspian Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, but what we really need, is consistent-SEA.”

At the 64th Session of Berkeley Model United Nations, delegates worked hard to argue their positions, collaborate with others, and pass resolutions. BMUN is a great way to explore the campus and meet new people as well as raise one’s awareness to global issues.

For many, BMUN is a chance to work on problem solving and public speaking skills. Months of research leading up to the event allowed the delegates to use their vast bank of knowledge to create and propose innovative solutions. As BMUN is a formal event, delegates are encouraged to use formal language when speaking. Many of the speeches are drenched in SAT vocabulary, political terms, and yes, puns. Along with this, all delegates are expected to learn BMUN lingo, a language in and of itself.

Of course, it’s not all work no play. Because we aren’t the actual United Nations, we are allowed to pass absurd and ridiculous resolutions as well as realistic ones. The topic of wall building was a popular solution due to the delegates’ political awareness. There were resolutions to build a wall around the Arctic Circle as well as one to build the Second Great Wall of China. As always, BMUN is always filled with wordplay. Some of the best puns that day included “There’s green tea and there’s black tea, but what we need to face, is reali-TEA,” “Needless to say we PUTIN in his place,” and “Delegates, we KUWAIT no longer.” In one committee where Russia captured a Norwegian research ship, delegates groaned as an old pun began to be recited. However, groans quickly turned into applause as the delegate placed a creative spin on an overused favorite. What used to be “There are big ships and there are little ships, but what we really need, are relationSHIPS,” turned into “There are big ships and there are little ships, but what we really need is for Russia to stop attacking other people’s ships.” One rapporteur said it best, “This weekend was filled with cut-throat coalitions, radical resolutions, and far too many nautical puns.”

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