Global Awareness

Senior Trip to Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake City, Utah


The Cathedral:

The Senior Class exploring a new world of Roman Catholics in the Cathedral of Madeleine.

Before Presentation:

Getting ready to present to live audience at the Parliament of World Religions, no longer members of the audience.

With DRBA & DRBU Community:

The Senior Class taking a group picture with the Dharma masters (monastics) and other members to express their gratitude for the DRBU group’s support.

With the Guan Yin Book:

The Senior Class received a book about Guan Yin Bodhisattva from the speaker who shared the panel session with them.


This is a picture of Langar, a common tradition in the Sikh community, where people of all faith and statures are served food in an act that signifies equality and sharing among humanity.

The Mandala:

Tibetan monks completing the beautiful mandala–a spiritual and ritual symbol of the universe–which took the course of the parliament to complete.

Before Leaving the Parliament:

Upon leaving the Parliament of World Religions, the Class of 2016 took the picture to celebrate their experience at the conference and success of the panel.