Global Awareness

Senior Trip to Parliament of World Religion in Salt Lake City, Utah


The Senior class exploring a new world of Roman Catholics in the Cathedral of Madeleine


Before Presentation:

Getting ready to present to live audience at the Parliament of World Religions, no longer members of the audience.


With Monks:

The Senior class taking a group picture with the Dharma Masters and other members to express their gratitude for the DRBU group’s support.


With the Guan Yin Books:

The Senior class received a book about Guan Yin Bodhisattva from the speaker who shared the panel session with them.


Leaving (one with the parliament flyer on top):

Upon leaving the Parliament of World Religions, the Class of 2016 took the picture to celebrate their experience at the conference and success of the panel.



This is a picture of Langar, a common tradition in the Sikh community, where people of all faith and statures are served food in an act that signifies equality and sharing among humanity.



Tibetan monks completing the beautiful mandala–a spiritual and ritual symbol of the universe–which took the course of the parliament to complete.

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