Spiritual Buddhist Wisdom

Applied 12 Links

11th Grade Buddhist Studies

One of the topics in Buddhism that is hard to grasp is the Twelve Links of Causal Conditions or Twelve Links of Dependent Origination, the practice of a pratyekabuddha, a solitary sage. The students were assigned to produce a visual project on this topic. They were given instructions to think of a situation–a global issue or a familiar story–and apply these twelve links to the issue or story.

The purpose of the project was to allow students to learn the subject while relating to their own experiences. The results by two-student teams were colorful and crafty posters that are quite refreshing and innovative, with such themes as racism, mission to mars, and a Harry Potter story plot.

The students enjoyed doing their projects while learning this complex concept through research and hands-on experience. This project itself was a learning process and created a series of linked conditions that led to a happy ending—for the students and the teacher.

Note: The twelve links are: 1) ignorance, 2) karmic formation, 3) consciousness, 4) name and form, 5) six sense faculties, 6) contact, 7) sensation/feeling, 8) craving, 9) clinging/grasping, 10) becoming, 11) birth/existence, 12) old age, worries, and death.