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2015 Mendocino County Science Fair

Student Reporter: Pam Qian, Class of 2016

Would sound waves promote the freezing of water? How many angles can be formed from ‘n’ number of non-parallel lines? Do baked potatoes conduct electricity better than raw potatoes? These are the questions that the girls from Developing Virtue Secondary School presented at the Mendocino County Science Fair.

March 14th, Saturday, four of us, Leanna Duong (9th grade), Klare Hu (10th grade), Grace Yang (11th grade), and Pam Qian (11th grade) went to the fair held in Mendocino College, Ukiah, with the coordinators, Heng Yuan Shr and Jin Jr Shr.

Mendocino County Science Fair consists of four divisions based on grade levels. This year, for the senior division (9th –12th), contestants compete in four areas: Earth Science (Earth Science and Electricity), Life Science A, Life Science B, Physical Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics, and Software). Leanna’s project “Potato Powered LED” was entered for the category of Earth Science; Klare Hu’s and Grace Yang’s project “Would Sound Waves Promote the Freezing of Water?” for Physical Science; and Pam Qian’s project “Angle Analysis of Multiple-line Intersections” for Physical Science.

After interviews with the judges and a long wait, all went well—our projects placing in the first and second places. Pam, Klare, and Grace have also been invited to the California State Science Fair representing Mendocino County. We all felt very, very happy that our efforts were rewarded.


Name Project Title Award
Pam Qian Angle Analysis of Multiple-line Intersections Physical Science, First Place
Klare Hu

Grace Yang

Would Sound Waves Promote the Freezing of Water? Physical Science, Second Place
Leanna Duong Potato Powered LED Earth Science, Second Place


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