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Student Reporter: Michele Lum, Class of 2015

On March 6th and 7th, a group of seven students and two teacher-chaperones had the opportunity to install solar panels in Redwood Valley. Prior to the installation, students and teachers have attended a two-hour orientation that gave safety tips, the basics of solar and how it works, and the installation process.

DVGS students and teachers worked with GRID alternative, a nonprofit organization that helped about 100 tribal families in the region since 2010, to use alternative energy. Those who were above 18 were allowed on the roof and they served as the roof team. Others, who were above 16, remained on the ground as the ground team.

The opportunity to work with GRID and help out a family in our community was rewarding and blissful. We were able to fulfill part of our school’s mission to nurture environmental awareness, understand the significance of each individual’s role, and work together for the success of our installation. The next installation project will be in May 2015.solar_2solar_1

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