Boys School Halloween Party Report

It was a chilly evening in the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas on November 2nd, 2013. Everything seemed quiet, serene, and absolutely normal. However, nothing was normal at the Boys School. It was the annual Halloween party for the Boy School students, a time when the notorious Haunted Maze would reveal its truly horrific appearance.

But before we go there, let’s first talk about the more optimistic aspects of the party: the creepy (yet jovial) carnival and the colorful Bouncy Castle! Yes, this year we had a new (and very successful) addition: the massive and impressive Bouncy Castle, which brought delight to older and younger students alike. While the younger students bounced around and competed to see who could jump the highest, older students performed feats such as frontflips and 720-degree spins. Of course, this did not decrease the popularity of the carnival: the carnival was just too enticing, especially the new Senior Games which provided huge rewards of prize tickets (to the dismay of the ticket booth managers as they saw their prize collection draining away).

However, as soon as it was 6:30 and the Haunted Maze officially opened, everybody rushed to the 123 building and got in line. No more kids on the Bouncy Castle. No more kids in the carnival. Yep, that’s how much the kids liked to be scared. Anyways, the Haunted Maze continued its streak of being the most popular attraction of the whole event (which, I believe, has persisted since the beginning of the celebration of Halloween by Boys School). In fact, “yours truly” was detained from entering the Haunted Maze (level 3, of course) until ten-o’clock because of the number of people in line. From personal experience, I can confirm that the maze was very successful, especially the haunting storyline and creepy horrors. (You know it all, don’t you?)

At 7:30, everybody gathered in the 8th grade classroom in order to enjoy the delicious food and sumptuous treats that many supportive parents prepared. Again, we would like to express our gratitude toward the parents that had contributed so much to make this event successful. Furthermore, we would like to thank the PTO for supporting our event, as without them, there would not have been any Bouncy Castle (which would have made the Halloween Party much less exciting). Everybody left with smiles on their faces (possibly to conceal their fear of the horrors of the Maze) and many prizes in their hands. Don’t worry if the Halloween party was too scary for you: there will be many more exciting events from Boys School to come that will alleviate your fears. Just beware Slender Man!

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