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PTO Trip 2017: Ropes Course

by Sinna Zheng (Class of 2018) This year’s PTO trip was probably the best one yet. On Saturday, September 30th, the Girls’ Division drove down to the Alliance Redwood Conservation, a beautiful forest, for a day of fun and challenges. Upon arrival, everyone split into their respective ways […]

PTO Minutes, Feb, 2016

February 3, 2016 Present at the meeting:  Matt Finnegan, Steve Setera, Susan Summerford, Jennifer Ackley, Zephyer Bengeia, Mai Cho, Grace Yang, Jin Jr Shr, Nataindra, Tom Tieu, Ted Yap, Juan Gracia, Ping Huang, Nakula Hertz, Juan Juan Yeap, Leonie Tan, Donna Farmer. Call to order 5:08PM by President […]

PTO Minutes, Oct, 2015

October 21, 2015 Present at the meeting:  Matt Finnegan, Steve Setera, Paul Spangenberg, Amanda Setera, Roger Kellerman, Juan Gracia, Tina Dorazi, Ana Pringles, Taylor Lin, Karmen Yap, Grace Young, Cynthia Chan, Jin Jr Chi, Ping Huang, Susan Summerford, Lia Patterson, Tom Tein, Aaron So, Ashley Huynh, Nataindra, Nakula […]

PTO Minutes, Mar, 2015

March 18, 2015 Present at the meeting:  Matt Finnegan, Paul Spangenberg, Steve Setera, Eve Rodriguez, Jin Jr Shi, Tracey Tu, David Duong, Judy Zhu, Amanda Setera, Michele Lum, Hubert Liu, Nakula Hertz, Hubert Liu, Wei-Chang Tsai, Juan Juan Yeap, Abhishek Datta. Call to order 5:09PM by President Steve […]