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Nuoyan Wang

Boys School Total Archive 2016-2020

—DVBS Archive Team—
In light of COVID-19 and the circumstances that it ensues, the Boys School was unable to put out a yearbook for the 2019-2020 school year. As such, the Archive Team has compiled the links from all the events from the year, as well as all of the previous years. To all the Boys School students, please enjoy this huge collection of memories from our years in IGDVBS!

A Lesson to Remember

-DVBS Archive Team-
On March 1st, five students from the Boys School participated in the infamous 14-hour long Siam MathWorks Modeling Challenge. With ten minutes left on the submission countdown, the internet died […]

Festivities of the Lunar New Year

—DVBS Archive Team—
The weekend of February 8th and 9th marked the 19th Annual Lunar New Year celebration at the Oakland Museum of California. Adhering to the yearly tradition, the Boys School students performed the Dragon Dance, Chinese Orchestra, and 24 Seasons Festive Drumming.

A Visit to Brookside

—DVBS Archive Team—
February 29, 2020. The first activity of the Community Service Club was conducted by a group of seven boys who performed a short series of musical performances at the Brookside Senior Center.

Lunar New Year Celebration – Boys

—DVBS Archive Team—
January 24th, 2020. The Boys School’s in-school Chinese New Year celebration took place on Friday. Mr. Chen led students, parents, and teachers in the ancient Chinese tradition to pay our annual respects to “heaven, earth, the national leader, relatives, and teachers.”