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It’s been a long day with the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua’s Entering Nirvana Anniversary, checking in the students for Summer Camp and roasted marshmallows. But Nakula decided to do story time with Master Hua’s biography. The kids are hanging on his every word.


How many teachers stayed up late How many parents worked so hard How many people cooked everyday How many swept the streets Repaired the buildings Mowed the lawns Bowed to the Buddhas How many sacrificed it all So these fine men could graduate from Developing Virtue High School! […]

AP Robotics

From the finishing of AP Physics exams to the end of school, there is nearly a month. What do the students do? Watching science movies every day? The brave AP Physics C Mechanics and AP Physics C Electricity and Magnetism boys chose to tame some robotics with Arduino […]