Boys School Total Archive 2016-2020

By: Nuoyan Wang (Class of 2021) with Marvin Wang (Class of 2020)

In light of COVID-19 and the circumstances that it ensues, the Boys School was unable to put out a yearbook for the 2019-2020 school year. In our efforts to show the memories from this past year, the Archive Team has compiled the links from all the events from this year, and even added all of the previous years. To all the Boys School students, please enjoy this huge collection of memories from our years in IGDVBS!

Apologies to lack of individual phots and of elementary school.

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Dharma Master Guo Hua

Stan Shoptaugh

Class of 2018

Tony Yap

Austin Quach

Class of 2019

Gwynn Lim

Chee Hee Seng

Bangyang Qiu

Jacky Zheng

Dennis Zhao

Class of 2020

Marvin Wang

Zhidao Leeroybruce

Gino Ackley

Bohan Zhu

Marco He

Nathan Loafman

Ryan Liang

Class of 2021

Xin Hung Chan

Myren Allen

William Wang

Richard Shieh-Yan

Nuoyan Wang

Sam Yap

Class of 2022

Alan Seng

Alston Liu

Jetsada Johnson

Rahula Tan

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YEAR 2019-2020

Main Events:

Virtue Day: Filial Piety

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Teacher’s Day

Ukiah Youth Fest Performance

City of Dharma Realm Honoring Elders Day

Upperclassmen Leadership Retreat:

Honoring Elders Day:

WinterFest Celebration in Confucius Hall

Alumni Justin Hu Leaves the Home Life

Chinese New Year Celebration at School

Chinese New Year Celebration in Ukiah

CSC : A Visit to the Elderly Home

Oakland Museum Chinese New Year:

Junior High Science Fair:

MathWorks Modelling Challenge:

Cherishing Youth Without Borders: Graduation Song MV

Reflection from graduate Bohan Zhu:

. . .

Cherishing Youth Without Borders

(1/10) Trailer

(2/10) Girls School Planting Seeds MV

(3/10) Kindness Metta MV

(4/10) DIY Courage Catcher

(5/10) Compassion Karuna MV

(6/10) DIY Roses for Respect

(7/10) Joy Mudita MV

(8/10) Chinese Dance MV

(9/10) Equanimity Upekkha MV

(10/10) Boys School Graduation MV

. . .

Basketball Team

January 18

High School 44-28 Win vs Warriors

January 25/26

Junior High 23-14 Win vs AB Church

High School 45-41 Win vs The Works Inc

February 2

High School 48-31 Win vs Apperson Insulation

February 15/16

Junior High 60-36 Win vs Fowlers Motors

High School 28-38 Loss vs South Valley Falcons

February 22

Junior High 45-27 Win vs Woodcycle

High School 58-41 Win vs Warriors

February 29

High School 33-26 Win vs South Valley Falcons

High School 70-39 Win vs Warriors

March 8 High School Playoffs: 

Semi-Finals: 45-20 Win vs Apperson Insulation

Finals: 31-33 Loss vs South Valley Falcons

. . .

YEAR 2018-2019

Leadership Retreat

Montgomery Wood’s Hike

Bridge Tournament

Moon Festival

Visit to the Food Bank

Teacher’s Day


Dorm Trip to the Coast

Honoring Elders Day (Girl’s School Post)

Lake Mendocino Cleanup

City of Dharma Realm HED

Residence Hall Christmas

Public Speaking Assembly


Freshmen Cow Mountain Hike

CTTB Chinese New Year

Karma Kitchen

Sophomore Class Trip

Snow Day!

Oakland Chinese New Year

MathWorks Math Modelling Challenge

PTO Trip: Fort Bragg

AiMusic UNESCO Festival

Freshmen Trip : Rock Climbing

Freshmen Trip to Lake Shasta Caverns

Mother’s Day

Cherishing Youth Day

ANCCS San Jose Basketball Tournament

Award Ceremony and Graduation

Boys School Spirit Song

Archive Team

Virtue Program

. . .

YEAR 2017-2018

Chinese Tea Club

Russian River Cleanup

Basketball Court Renovation

Teacher’s Day

Moon Festival

City of Dharma Realm HED

Mandala Hinduism Retreat

Q&A With Abhayagiri Monks

Palo Alto College Fair

Gold Mountain HED

Honoring Elders Day



Ukiah Lunar New Year

Oakland Lunar New Year

Cherishing Youth Day

AiMusic UNESCO Festival

Tea Club : Presentation

Junior Rock Climbing Trip to Santa Rosa

Senior Trip


. . .

YEAR 2016-2017

Oakland Lunar New Year:

Basketball Championship:

Buddha Hall Speeches:

Graduation Speeches:

Basketball Highlights:

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