Alumni Mr. Hu Leaves the Home Life

—DVBS Archive Team—

Written by: Nuoyan Wang (Class of 2021)

Photos by: Mr. Irving Hu + Alston Liu (10) + Nuoyan Wang (11) + William Wang (11)

Video by: Nuoyan Wang (11)

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Mr. Hu took refuge with the Venerable at an early age, receiving the Dharma name Guo Hua. At this young age, he attended the Developing Virtue Boys School, and graduated in 1998. However, before that, he was able to make a lasting influence on the future of the school. Together with his friends, Mr. Hu formed the Boys School’s first yearbook club and first lion dance team, and also led the student body as the president. His amazing athletic records could still be found on the PE wall even today.

With such talent, Mr. Hu led a very successful life after graduating from UC Berkeley. But recently, he returned to CTTB for his ultimate goal. He selflessly helped the students as a dorm teacher and ethics teacher, and often told us stories of his encounters with the Venerable Master.

Today, Mr. Hu takes a step on the path to his ultimate goal. He has given up everything and now begins his journey to becoming a member of the CTTB Sangha.

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Congratulations and thank you Mr. Hu, you make the Boy School proud.

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DVBS Archive Team

December 15, 2019