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PTO-Minutes September 14, 2016

Call to order 5:10 by PTO President Matthew Finnegan


5:10     Girls School President Susanne and Vice President Carmen are introduced.

Treasurer’s Report:

5:13     Treasurer Ping Huang presents last year’s budget for review as well as the proposed budget for this year. There is discussion regarding an outstanding balance from last year. This was discussed in the May 18, 2016 meeting. A decision was postponed at that time to allow for the year’s accounting to be finalized. President Matthew Finnegan moves to amend the budget from last year to move the necessary funds from the Boys School account last year to this years balance. Motion passes and this years budget is approved.

Boys School Report:

5:18     Mr. Juan Gracia reports that the Boys School has 95 students, including 59 in the K-8th grades, and 28 dorm students. Upcoming activities include the Autumn Moon Festival, and the Lion Dance participants accepting an invitation from the temple branch in Sacramento to preform at their Honoring Elders Day.

Girls School Report:

5:19     Jin Jr Shr reports that the Girls School has 108 students, 40 in K-6th and 68 in 7-12

New faculty members include a parent of an alumni, who is teaching Math and Chinese, as well as a recent graduate of DRBU (Dharma Realm Buddhist University), who is teaching Life Science and Yoga. Both are graciously volunteering their time.

Report from Ryan/Boys School President:

5:21     The annual Autumn Moon Festival will be held Saturday, September 17th from 7-9 at the basketball court at the Boys School. All BS families are encouraged to attend.

The Lion Dancers participated in the World Lion Dance Championships in Malaysia this summer. It required 3 weeks of intense training as well as a week of competition. 14 countries and 38 teams participated in the competition. IGDVBS placed 23 out of 38!

October 2 the Lion Dance team will visit the City of the Dharma Realm in Sacramento to perform. Drumming and dancing only are participating, no Chinese orchestra.

Ryan Liu is introduced as the Boys School ASC President.

Report from Susanne/Girls School President:

5:24     Girls School held a welcome back party for the students from 9-3:30 on September 3. 65 students participated. They hosted the Redwood Alliance, who provided lessons in ecology and lessons in sustainability. A few herpetological animals were brought and many of the girls took the opportunity to learn about the ecosystems and lives of these animals. The ASC also planned games, team building exercises and a picnic for the participants.

Activities coming up include a Peace Day event on September 21, in honor of the United Nations International Day of Peace. DRBU is hosting two renowned guest speakers on topics of peace at Wonderful Words Hall from 9-10. Afterwards, the students will be participating in a Peace Walk on campus, culminating at the gate of the CTTB. All are invited and encouraged to attend.

Old Business:

5:29     Girls School had requested funding for their welcome back party. It cost approximately $1300. Discussion and decision to postpone until next meeting when a bill is available.

Small construction update to inform about which classrooms have been moved and for how long. Reiteration of preferred traffic flow.

Discussion about last meeting of last school years minutes. Determined that minutes have not been distributed and will be voted on next meeting.

New Business:

5:36     A parent of a junior girl expressed concerns for the sign out procedures and for general safety of the students while on campus. Signing out at only occurs for students in K-4 for the Girls School. Discussion about sign out policies, school liability and responsibility as well as parent timeliness. Jin Jr Shr clarifies GS policies regarding buddy system, remaining on GS lawn, and different techniques used in the past for picking up students.

Treasurer Ping Huang mentions the idea from last year of setting up a Go-To meeting account for those who are unable to attend the PTO meetings. Discussion about various ways to connect out of town folks to the meetings. Agree that interest should be gauged and perhaps low tech solutions for including others be explored as well. Noted that the approved minutes of all PTO meetings are added to the IGDVS website.

Next Meeting:

5:56     Discussion about dates and times of next meeting. Agreed that it be held at 5 on Wednesday, October 19.

Adjourn at 5:57


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