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Teachers’ Day 2016

By Annie Sun, class of 2018

On September 28th, 2016, the designated Confucius Day, the students and teachers of Developing Virtue Girls School gathered together in the Small Dining Hall to celebrate Teachers’ Day, an annual celebration dedicated to our beloved teachers. Students began the day by making the delicious tacos for the teachers, students, parents, and the general assembly. The small act of making food in honor for the teachers bestowed the students an experience shared by teachers and staff everyday–hard work and selflessness. The food–which included vegetables, french fries, and cupcakes–was very appetizing and delicious, but equally entertaining and wonderful were the series of fun and dazzling events that the students had planned for the teachers. Students took great effort and ensured that the teachers enjoyed every minute of the event. In the end, the students presented homemade cards with wonderful quotes written on them to show their gratitude toward the teachers.
As students, we were given the opportunity to thank our teachers and serve them in a way they always have done, while at the same time to appreciate the everyday work done by the kitchen staff to bring the food on the table for everyone in the school and the community of the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas.  It does take a village to raise a child.

Standing in the front, the students were able to look out and see most of their teachers in the audience, causing everyone to feel an immense amount of gratitude and humility for the people they have come to honor. We certainly cannot negate the importance of teachers in our lives because their love and care are the foundations of our growth and education. Overall, the Teachers’ Day was a great experience for everyone and anyone wanting to express their gratitude for the teachers in their lives.

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