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PTO Minutes, May, 2016

May 18, 2016

Present at the Meeting: Steve Setera, Matt Finnegan, Rodger Kellerman, Randall Peterson, Tom Tieu, Susan Summerford, Ping Huang, Rachel Hu, Grace Yang, Abi, Cynthia Chan, Jin Jr Shr, Amanda Setera, Nataindra, Jin Xiang, Ted Yap, Alejandro Gracia, Ryan Liu, Rong Zhan Li

Call to order 5:07 by PTO President Steve Setera


5:08 Randall Peterson is acting Principal whilst Mr. Gracia is away. Mr. Peterson usually teaches 8th grade at the Boys School. Also present is Rachel Hu, Grace Yang’s mother.

Principals Reports:

5:10 Boys School: The boys are in the middle of end of the year activities, including various field trips, 6th grade, 7/8th grades, and upcoming senior trip to Washington DC. The boys will also complete a comprehensive algebra exam May 25th.

5:12 Girls School: Jin Jr Shr reports that the school received the official WASC letter of accreditation today, it is good for the next 3 years. The seniors are going a variety of places for college, including: Mendocino College, St. Mary’s, Siemens, Union College, University of New Haven, Oregon State University, University of New York-Stoneybrook, University of British Columbia, Malaysia and Australia.

The proposed hike and picnic on the upcoming Saturday may be changed due to weather. The new idea is an afternoon at Slam Dunk Pizza, from 11. Girls School is requesting $500 to cover quoted pizza price for 65 girls and 15 adults. Matt motions, Steve seconds, motion passes.

Girls School Report:

5:18 Grace reports that the girls celebrated Mother’s Day by viewing a video about mothers and by making cards and paper flowers. Amanda talked about a visit the seniors made to Dr. and Mrs. Liu the previous Sunday to talk about their futures. An Alumni retreat also happened over the weekend. The end of year teacher’s banquet was discussed, as were the proposed care baskets. The girls are requesting $550 from the PTO fund already allocated for the banquet. The contents of the basket are to be determined. There is a separate request for $550 for food costs for the banquet. Matt moves, Susan seconds the first motion. Indra moves, and Matt seconds the second motion. Both pass without dissent.

5:30 The boys have gone on a variety of field trips, including San Francisco, the petrified forest and the seniors to google headquarters. The boys high school basketball team won their Northern California league. The drum and dance team performed at Pastels on the Park in Ukiah last weekend. Field Day is set for June 8th. Boys School awards ceremony and potluck is on June 9th. May 27-June 5 is the senior trip to Washington DC. Ted won the Presidential Scholarship to Wesleyn University and is attending on full scholarship. Alejandro is attending Harvard University and was also awarded a full scholarship. The rest of the boys are attending: Cal State-North State, University of Illinios, Cal Poly, St. Louis University, and Trinity College

Treasurer’s Report:

5:39 Ping points out the difference from last time is the $850 request being fulfilled for the Boys School. She inquires if she should generate an end of the year report for board review now or for the beginning of next school year. Discussion, and agree for next school year.

No Old Business

New Business:

5:40 Steve reports that the DRBU is embarking on major renovations for the buildings numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4 soon. There will be traffic disruption and lots of trucks. Hopfully, the Boys School will also get a new library by October as a result. As well, the roof on Nirvana Hall is currently being fixed.

Next Meeting:

5:43 Discussion about date of next meeting and beginning of school business. First day of school is August 29th. Ping wonders about the beginning of school picnic. Some discussion, Indra mentions it is intended for new parents. No resolution about picnic, perhaps up to each school to decide individually. Next meeting set for September 14th.

Rodger wins coop drawing.

Adjourn at 5:48

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