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PTO Minutes, Apr, 2016

April 27, 2016

Present at the Meeting: Steve Setera, Matt Finnegan, Juan Gracia, Rodger Kellerman, Tom Tieu, Tec Yan Yang, Susan Summerford, Niki Clarke, Ping Huang, Mai Do, Grace Yang, Leanna Tracey Duong, Denise Cao, Cynthia Chan, Jin Jr Shr, Amanda Setera, Nataindra, Jin Xiang

Call to order 5:13 by PTO President Steve Setera


5:17 PTO President Steve Setera nominates Matt Finnegan for PTO President for next school year, and Nakula Hertz for Vice President. Motion passes unanimously.

Principals Reports:

5:21 Girls School: The girls are in the middle of AP Exams, the WASC went well, awaiting results. The girls are working on the yearbook and have decided that electronic copies will be distributed instead of hard copies, in the interest of conservation.

5:22 Boys School: The boys are planning a couple of field trips for the end of the year. Included are a trip to San Jose to participate in a Cherishing Youth Day after the AP Exams are over.

Girls School Report:

5:23 Denise and Cynthia showed a powerpoint slide show about Earth Day and the girls school fundraising activities. The girls participated in the Canopy Project, an organization that plants one tree for every $1 raised. 695 trees were planted as a result of the fundraising efforts. Grace reported on the all-school field day, a half day of sports, games and bonding between the grades. There will be a request for funding for the end of year hike and picnic. Discussion about when and where, Matt volunteers to help plan.

Boys School Report:

5:33 The seniors are traveling to Washington D.C. May 28th. Discussion about funding sources, accommodations, etc. 7 seniors and 2 chaperones are going. A monastery in D.C. is offering room and board. Support for $850 in funding from PTO.

Ms. Clarke expresses her admiration for the cohesiveness and dearth of activities at the girls school. Supports using the $, just wants to highlight amazing girls school. Jin Jr Shr states that the girls direct and lead all activities. Tom states that the boys school will be planning a field day for the last week of school. Money is available for the senior trip as well as field day. Matt proposes using the existing funds, motion passes.

Old Business:

5:45 PTO insurance will be adjusted for next year. Covers all field trips and parent volunteers. Indra clarifies this insurance is in addition to respective school and CTTB insurance coverage.

5:48 Ping states that the only change to the budget is the reimbursement of expenses related to the Girls School BMUN conference.

New Business:

5:49 Ms. Clarke requests that parents who are teachers be exempt from the $300 school deposit as well as the 25 required volunteer hours. Discussion ensues. Indra states that the Girls School waives the deposit for teachers, and has always. The $35 PTO membership fee still applies to all. The request will be shared with the proper authorities but PTO supports it.

5:54 Financial Report approved.

Next Meeting:

May 18

Rodger wins co-op drawing

Adjourn at 5:58

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