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PTO Minutes, Mar, 2016

March 16, 2016

Present at the meeting:  Matt Finnegan, Steve Setera, Susan Summerford, Jennifer Ackley, Grace Yang, Jin Jr Shr, Nataindra, Tom Tieu, Ted Yap, Juan Gracia, Ping Huang, Nakula Hertz, Aaron So, Anna Huey, Yang Liu, Kim Hanneken, Alejardo Gracia,, Cynthia Chan, Karmen Yep, Kusali, Phoebe, Silvia.

Call to order 5:11 PM by President Steve Setera-

5:13Introductions and welcome.

5:15-Tresusers Report: Treasurer’s report has been submitted and reviewed. Motion to accept the report by Matt, second by Nakula. Motion passes without objection.

5:16-Boys School report:

5:23-Girls school Report:

Principals Reports:

5:16- Boys School Mr. Gracia- Boy’s school participated in the Science Fair at Mendocino College. 2 or 3 teams will be going to the state finials in southern California. Had a service space presentation 10 days ago with teachers and students

5:18- Girls School- Jin Jr Shr- Update on back ground and finger print checks. All volunteers at the school are being fingerprinted. Other buildings and programs in the CTTB are being discussed as being required but this is not directly within the control of the schools. All Building and grounds workers are being fingerprinted. Update- Health form questionnaires are being revised for next school year so it is easier and better information flow. They will be given to Ms. Farmer for review. Ms. Farmer has been working with schools during this process and the info is being relayed to the core teachers. The food allergies are being tracked. Ms. Farmers duties as a nurse are split between the schools and the university.

5:38-Boys School report: Have finished the basketball season, made it to the semi finials. The boy’s will be going to San Jose for the Chinese basketball tournament. Will be doing booths for Cherishing Youth Day, Yoga, Martial Arts, origami.

Boy’s are planning on doing a free yearbook- A photo book, all photos not words. Lion Dragon Drum will not be going to Pasadena this year.

Senior Trip Ideas: Plan A Hawaii, Plan B- Washington DC- Asking for money from the PTO- approximately 800-900 dollars per person will be total expense. Trip will be the last week of school because some boys have classes at Mendocino College and have to wait for that to be done. Boy’s will submit a formal request with specific dollar amounts.

5:47-Girls school Report: Girls school plans on helping feed the homeless, 7th-10th grades will participate with the Community Service Club on April 23 and May 14th. The Goal is to feed 100 people per date, expecting it will cost about 100 dollars per event. Child Expo event is coming up next Saturday from 10 am to 2pm. Girls plan on having booths- Fan Dance, Chinese Orchestra, Chin Dance. Girls School will do another Karma Kitchen on March 26th, they have done 2 previous Karma Kitchens at the school and it was well received. Video of Berkley Karma Kitchen is shown. On 3/7/16 service space came to the school and did activities. The next day the freshman girls went on a field trip and gave out flowers as an act of kindness. Girls show video of the reactions to the flowers. World religion class of juniors and seniors went to a Methodist mass and Jewish temple. Participated in the Alums tradition. Last Friday there was a sports day with the High school and elementary playing together. Girls take PTO picture and there is a request for transportation to the child expo and contributions for the feeding of the homeless.

Old Business :


New Business:

6:22- Skype

Passed to the next meeting to see if Spike can help out.

6:24-Secrtary Nomination:

Susan Summerford is Nominated by Steve Setera, second by Matt Finnegan. Motion passes without objection.

6:27- Drawing for CO-OP gift certificate:

Winner is: Tom

Meeting adjourned 6:32pm

Next meeting April 27th 2016- 5pm Confucius Hall

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