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PTO Minutes, Feb, 2016

February 3, 2016

Present at the meeting:  Matt Finnegan, Steve Setera, Susan Summerford,

Jennifer Ackley, Zephyer Bengeia, Mai Cho, Grace Yang, Jin Jr Shr, Nataindra, Tom Tieu, Ted Yap, Juan Gracia, Ping Huang, Nakula Hertz, Juan Juan Yeap, Leonie Tan, Donna Farmer.

Call to order 5:08PM by President Steve Setera-


5:11-Tresusers Report: Ping distributes and explains the financial reports. See attached budget reports for February 3 and November 18. Motion to accept report, motion passes without opposition.

Principals Reports:

5:14- Boys School- Boys are hosting a Chinese New Year celebration on February 8th. Lion Dragon, Drum will be performing at the Oakland Museum on 2/14/16 and in Ukiah on 2/20/16 2pm at the downtown plaza.

5:16- Girls School- Girls will be celebrating Chinese New year, planning on a spring event for the grade school. Girl’s school will be organizing and planning for Cherishing Youth Day on 4/15/16- they are expecting up to 1000 students in two sessions.

5:18-Boys School report: Boys School report by Ted. Boys are scheduled to perform for the elderly Nuns on 2/16/16. When the Lion, Dragon Drum performs in the Plaza downtown they are planning on offering food for the homeless also.

5:23-Girls school Report: Girls School report by Grace. On 2/9/16 the Girls will be celebrating Chinese New Year, making dumplings and organizing activities for the students. Have started a smile card project where you do a random act of kindness and leave the person a smile card, hoping that they can return the favor to another person, all done anonymously. (This is a project from service space and in the High School now but then in the elementary school next.) Girls are promoting Loyalty to Elders, Nation, Teachers, and Country by singing a different National Anthem every month. Girls had a Karma Kitchen with Pizza during the thanksgiving break and plan on holding another on 2/12/16. Girls competed in the Mock Trial competition at the County Courthouse and did very well.

New Business:

5:36- School Health Issue-

Donna Farmer, Nurse Practitioner for CTTB reports-Two weeks ago the Boys School had a case of Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease (HFM). She explains in detail the symptoms, see attached sheet for details. Much discussion about communication between the schools, parents, teachers. Suggestion made to change medical forms to be both in English and Chinese- to start having the Nurse review all the forms. Both Schools agree to examine the issues.There was much discussion between the teachers, parents, Nurse, and Principals about how to make sure that everyone is informed about health issues in a timely manner.

6:36- Safety issues-

Comments and suggestions on the forwarding of the article about children being accosted in Ukiah. Traffic at the schools is discussed in regard to safety. It is pointed out that the Talamge Store has had gang activity and the buddy system for students is encouraged and used. An incident was discussed where a Boys School student ended up n the wrong side of the campus.

6:40-Student activities:

Steve Setera comments that we need to have more support at student activities.

6:46- Back Ground checks:

Discussion about the current system for fingerprinting and background checks of volunteers and employees.Suggestions made that all people that are going to have contact with the students should be fingerprinted. Many issues discussed about the different organizations involved, not just a school issue. It will be brought up at the other organizations meetings.

7:11- Nominations for Officers:

Nomination of Matt Finnegan for Vice President by Jin Jr Shr. Matt accepts and motion passes unopposed. Jin Jr Shr volunteers to be the interim Secretary until a Nomination can be found for Secretary.

7:13- Drawing for CO-OP gift certificate:

Winner is: Jin Jr Shr

Meeting adjourned 7:15pm

Next meeting March 16th 2016- 5pm Confucius Hall

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