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PTO Minutes, Oct, 2015

October 21, 2015

Present at the meeting:  Matt Finnegan, Steve Setera, Paul Spangenberg, Amanda Setera, Roger Kellerman, Juan Gracia, Tina Dorazi, Ana Pringles, Taylor Lin, Karmen Yap, Grace Young, Cynthia Chan, Jin Jr Chi, Ping Huang, Susan Summerford, Lia Patterson, Tom Tein, Aaron So, Ashley Huynh, Nataindra, Nakula Hertz.

Call to order 5:08PM by President Steve Setera-

5:09 PM- Introductions

5:14-Tresusers Report: Ping reports $4510 in dues collected so far this year, Holiday cards are going to be purchased along with Gift Cert. Lia Paterson Offers to help order cards online. Motion by Matt Finnegan to approve up to $2000 for cards and gift purchase. Second By Steve Setera. Motion passes unopposed.

5:23-Girls school Report: Girls went to Lake County to help sort items for the victims of the Valley Fire. Saw the fire destruction. 10/14&15 Went to UC Davis for a pre-med conference. Many Panels of Dr.’s and professionals. One student was very interested in Global Health and Public Health. Girls School request $50 for Model UN reimbursement- Motion by Matt Finnegan for $75, second by parent-Motion passes unanimously. Girls request $275 for reimbursement for world religion trip. $350 reimbursement Motion made by Matt Finnegan, second by Susan Summerford, Motion passes Unopposed. Girls went to world Parliament of religions in Salt Lake City UT- Had a great time, very exciting, many speakers including Jane Goodall, Had lunch served by Sheiks, They gave a presentation, went to the Mormon Temple, Antelope island and more.

5:39-Boys School report: Boys school had about 20 students participate in the Russian River clean up day, they found a jet ski in the river. Boys school had a moon festival and are planning on a Halloween party with a raffle to raise money for the Valley Fire victims.. Lion Dragon and Drum went Sacramento to perform on 10/4 then to the Gold Mountain Monastery in S.F.

5:51- Old Business:

Mr. Kellerman gives explanations about the asbestos management. Brings all of the records of inspection and management, offering it to anyone who wishes to go through it. General discussion, questions and answers for 35 minutes. Paul Spangenberg requests that the “place be cleaned up”.

Motion By Steve to grant the $200 request for jump house, second by Paul- Motion passes without objection

6:25- New Business:

Lia Paterson inquires about rumors she heard with transients coming into the city and possible vehicle thefts. Jin Jr Shi says she is not aware of those crimes. Ana Pringles in quires about school lock down procedure. Jin Jr Shi says that it is in the process but not finished yet. Ana Pringles asks if there is a plan to make up the canceled school day that happened because of the electricity being shut off. Jin Jr Shi says no plan to make it up so far. Matt Finnegan expresses concern about the fact that the same day the girls school was at Pinoleville Reservation the police were serving search warrants and the following day there was an attempted murder on the reservation.

6:27- Drawing for CO-OP gift certificate:

Winner is: Nakula Hertz

Meeting adjourned 6:46

Next meeting November 18th 2015- 5pm Confucius Hall

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