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PTO Minutes, Sep, 2015

September 16, 2015

Present at the meeting:  Matt Finnegan, Steve Setera, Paul Spangenberg, Amanda Setera, Aaron So, Tom Tien, Ryan Wu, Susan Summerford, Mat Chew, Annie Zhu, Nataindra, Ping Huang.

Call to order 5:00PM by President Steve Setera-Introductions

5:24-Financial Report: Jennifer Obrien states she will make herself available to Ping Huang to review treasurers report.

5:13-Principals Report: Principal Jin Jr Shi – Girls school updates-Soccer field has been upgraded, girls school restroom remodeled, School accredited as ________, Bully prevention workshop is underway- project sanctuary doing 2 to 4 workshops (1 completed. This spring, 4/7/15 will be the accreditation visit. More information will be sent by email.

5:29-Girls school Report:

Girls School orientation focused on loyalty , respect and education. Loyalty will be expressed through the singing of different national anthems. Respect temple, school and classmates. Junior High orientation included effort to reduce conflict in the 7th and 8th grades including bonding exercises. High School virtue of the month is filial piety. They will be doing a parity play . Asb had a welcome back party, including a treasure hunt. 9/21 is peace day- there will be a peace march to the gate where students will form a peace sign. The next two Saturdays will be leadership workshops- Focusing on what it means to be a leader and servant leadership. Teachers day is 9/28/15- Girls will be performing for the teachers. Then having Tea with a teacher a few days afterward. Seniors will be giving a presentation to the parliament on world religions in Salt Lake UT. 11 Seniors attending with 3 chaperones. 70 people from CTTB attending total.

Girls inquire about PTO options for activities. Montgomery woods, picnic in park, seeing a play. PTO consensus is that girls should pick what they as a whole would enjoy the most. The Girls school will get back to the PTO with their choice.

5:46-Boys School report:

Boys School reports that the dorm students will be going on retreat, Next Friday they will be making moon cakes, next Saturday from 7pm to 9:30 pm is the Mid-Autumn festival with a play by the sophomores, on 9/26 dorm students and other will be helping with the Russian river clean up, On 10/4/15 Lion, Dragon and Drum will perform at the temple in Sacramento. Next month there will be a Halloween party. Boys request $200 for a jump house for the party. Boys basketball is now practicing at Alex Rorbaugh Center in Ukiah, boys are tutoring student from that school in exchange for gym time.

Motuion By Steve to grant the $200 request for jump house, second by Paul- Motion pases without objection.

5:55- Old Business:

PTO request for funds form is reviewed. Suggestions made for some additions. Additions made and edited form is attached to the minutes.

5:45- New Business:

Vice President Paul Spangenberg explains his concern that there is asbestos and lead paint all over the Girls school buildings and other building on the grounds. He reports that he has been told that the girls school has the worst conditions of any of the other buildings. The steam pipes are wrapped in asbestos and he fears for the safety of his daughter and the other children. Paul explains that his information comes from working at the school and going under the buildings. Wants to see the school to clean it all up.

There was much discussion about this topic. It was agreed that Steve Setera would bring this up at the next buildings and grounds meeting. There will be a person from buildings and grounds at the next meeting to help explain the situation and answer questions.

6:27- Drawing for CO-OP gift certificate:

Winner is: Tom

Meeting adjourned 6:30

Next meeting October 21 2015- 5pm Confucius Hall

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