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PTO Minutes, Mar, 2015

March 18, 2015

Present at the meeting:  Matt Finnegan, Paul Spangenberg, Steve Setera, Eve Rodriguez, Jin Jr Shi, Tracey Tu, David Duong, Judy Zhu, Amanda Setera, Michele Lum, Hubert Liu, Nakula Hertz, Hubert Liu, Wei-Chang Tsai, Juan Juan Yeap, Abhishek Datta.

Call to order 5:09PM by President Steve Setera

5:11: Old Business: No discussion of old business.

5:12: New Business: Parent David Duang explains that the girls school recently had some training and education about bullying. He wants to know if the boys school has any plans to do the same and would like if they did. Jin Jr Shi explains that the student council was tasked to organize presentations and discussion sessions for a few weeks previously, during school meeting, to raise awareness. She actually is exploring more formal bullying awareness and prevention programs for K-12

Boys school students Hubert and Ricky explain that they did have a discussion about it at the higher grade levels but will talk with the teachers about getting similar program for the lower grade levels. Parents from boys schools would very much like to have this happen. Jin Ro adds that it would be great to have the High School student s teach and train the lower grades. Jin Jr Shi further explains that she has reached out to several organizations and parent for resources and she will share the information with the boys’ division.

Paul Spangenberg gives a girls school garden update. Peacocks are eating some of the stuff that has been planted in the past. He is taking a new stragy to make a smaller garden and is open to suggestions for different types of things to plant.

5:27-Girls school Report:

Michelle Lum and Judy Zhu report a new club has started, Robotics. The end goal is going to be to build a robot.There is a planned earth day celebration with organized events for teams from the different grades to participate in during the week of April 18th -25th. The Girls participated in a solar installation on March 7th. It went very well and was on the front page of the newspaper. 6 girls participated on one day and 7 on the next.

5:31:Boys School report:

Hubert reports that the boys held 3 event s for Chinese New Year. As part of the celebration they served traditional food to the teachers and students on 2/18. On 2/22/15 the Lion Dragon Drum performed at the Oakland Museum and also performed at Alex Thomas Plaza where they sold food. High School Basket Ball went undefeated for the first 6 games in the final tournament, played in the finals but lost to the same team. Boys are hosting cherishing youth and have planned a theme story of a journey home from the west.

Riley Fong makes presentation about boys senior trip and requests $1000 from the PTO. General discussion about budget and finance. Motion by Matt Finnegan to approve up to 1000 dollars for boys senior trip. Motion modified and discussed. Motion passes with Jennifer to get info to get check written to the right person.

Discussion and agreement if the Girls school makes a similar request it will be approved on the pro-rata basis from the student enrolment and budget the same way the boys school was.

Jin Jr Shi asks if there is enough in the budget to have some mugs (design has the 6 Principles) made for teachers as a year-end gift in conjunction with the founder’s 20th year Nirvana. General response ifs that there is enough to have shirts made if requested.

5:58- next years officers of the PTO:

Discussion about needing to fill Jennifer’s position and that we need to have a parent volunteer.

6:04: Drawing for CO-OP gift certificate- Tracey Tu.

Meeting adjourned 6:06 pm

Next meeting April 22 2015- 5pm Confucius Hall

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