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PTO Minutes, Jan, 2015

January 21, 2015

Present at the meeting:  Matt Finnegan, Paul Spangenberg, Steve Setera, Troy Bass, Ana Pringles, Eve Rodriguez, Jin Jr Shr, Judy Zhu, Amanda Setera, Michele Lum, Hubert Liu, Jason Ong, Nakula Hertz, Hubert Liu, Wei-Chang Tsai, Ping Huang, Juan Juan Yeap.

Call to order 5:08PM by President Steve Setera

5:10: Financial report: distributed and reviewed.

5:11: Minutes: from last meeting distributed, reviewed and approved.

5:12:  New Business: Parents, Ana, Paul and Troy ask why there has been a change at the Girls School regarding the pickup of girls from the playground after school.  Examples are offered about how the new policy does not make people feel welcome and the appearance that the new policy is not being enforced evenly.  Girls Principal explains that there is a Guideline that parents not participating in afterschool care to pick up their children on time. The reason for the new guideline is because:

    1. Crowding of the playground has caused difficulties for the afterschool care supervisors to ensure proper supervision and safety of the students under their care;
    2. There is also some discomfort for some regarding gender and as respect for the monastery’s code of conduct, parents are encouraged to have extended conversations off-the playground area.

The new guideline for K- 3 students (not in the afterschool program) is to request parents to pick-up their children on time and to keep playground primarily for the afterschool care program. There will be a new afterschool care coordinator for the spring.

Matt Finnegan asks if Girls School will participate in the science fair this year.  Girls School Principal Jin Jr Shr explains that she has sent the information to all the teachers but has not heard back yet to see which classrooms will be participating.

5:32-Girls school Report:

Michelle Lum reports that the Community Service club went to the local retirement home and visited with the elderly  Cs club will be doing some tree planting in the next couple of weeks.

Saturday 1/31/15 the girls school will be competing in the county wide mock trial at the courthouse.  The girls performed poetry out load on 1/20/15.  The Girls school will be helping put up solar panels in the near future(please see attached flyer about the program).  There will also be a Hospice training for the girls on January 29th.

The 5:41:Boys School report:

Jason and Wesson report that the Boy’s School will be hosting a Chinese new-year banquet on February 19th.  The Seniors and Juniors participated in a leadership camp prior to the thanksgiving break and hosted a Christmas party at school before the winter break.

The Lion Dragon and Drum will perform at the Oakland Museum on 2/22/15.

Both the High school and Junior High Boys won their last basketball games.

President Set era gives Boy’s a budget document to show what funds they can choose to use for the basketball court.

5:46: Drawing for CO-OP gift certificate- Ping is the winner.

Meeting adjourned 5:50pm

Next meeting March 18  2015- 5pm Confucius Hall

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