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PTO Minutes, Sep, 2014

September 24, 2014

Present at the meeting: Matt Finnegan, Steve Setera, Jin Kai, Heng Yuan, Roger Kelerman, Niki Clarke, Judy Zhu, Michele Lum, Minah Le, Feixia Guam, Eveline Rodriguez, Juan Garcia, Troy Bass, Paul Spangenberg, Jin Jr, Amanda Setera, Nakula Hertz, Nataindra, Lia Patterson, Amanda Setera, Kar??? Chey.

Call to order 5:05PM by President Steve Setera-Introductions sign in and raffle sign up.


  1. Call To Order-Welcome
  2. Introductions
  3. Vice President Nominations/election.
  4. Treasurer  Report
  5. Boys School report
  6. Girls School report
  7. Old Business
  8. New Business
  9. Next Meeting
  10. Close meeting

5:07: Call to Order by President Setera.

5:10: Introductions.

5:14: Vice President Nominations open.  Motion by Matt Finnegan to nominate Paul Spangenberg as Vice President.  Second by Roger Kelermen.  Nomination accepted and by unanimous vote motion carries to elect Paul as VP.

5:17- Treasurers Report: Jennifer O’Brien will email out the financial reports.

5:231Boys School report: Moon festival received positive feedback.  Boys made moon cakes and sold some for fundraising.  Teachers Day coming up this Friday, Boys will prepare and serve a brunch for all their teachers.  Boys are planning to have a haunted house for Halloween.  Boys School Developing Virtue Action Club is planning on participating in the Russian River clean up in Redwood Valley.  Next weekend the Lion Dragon Drum group will be traveling to Sacramento for a performance at Honoring Elders Day.  Boy’s School is asking for financial help in resurfacing the outdoor basketball court.  Two estimates $2,800 and $3,800 for rubberized paint coating.  This would make the court safer and look better.  Paint should last between 5-10 years.  PTO will review finances and discuss the request for financial assistance.

5:34-Girls school Report:

Girls School participated in the creek and railway clean up in Willits last weekend.  Also had PTO picnic and visited the Mendocino County Museum while in Willits.  Next Saturday Girls will be participating in walk to feed Hunger in San Francisco.  On 10/8 the Girls will be participating in the Alliance for Climate Education.  This Friday the Girls will be hosting a brunch for teacher’s day.

5:15- Girls School Principle Report:

Jin Jr Shi for Girls school- The Girls School has approximately 115 students this year.  Some students from last year went to the Tree of Life charter School.  Update on GMO issue from last meeting: Tofu is non GMO, all Brown rice is non-GMO. Kitchen is increasing Beans and legumes,  White Rice is GMO in some cases (over 50 brands of white rice in food stores.  Milk and Cheese will continue to be part of the Menu.  General GMO discussion: Seeds that are being used may be GMO in the City Gardens, GMO cultivation and use is prohibited by law in Mendocino County, The City Community is very conscience of GMO and does not want to be grow or eating GMO foods.

5:15- Girls School Principle Report: Juan Garcia for Boys School- Boys School is preparing to participate in California Wide earth quake preparedness and drill.  Boys School has approximately 90 students this year.

New Business: Matt Finnegan expresses concern that the communications during recent wildfire on the City grounds was lacking and posed a safety risk.  General discussion about incident and possible suggestions.  Radios, fire siren.  PTO will draft a letter to the Schools requesting action.

Don’t forget that share card works at Food-Max that CO-OP will be donating 5% of purchases during school week

CO-OP Drawing-Amanda Setera wins $10 gift certificate to the CO-OP

Meeting adjourned 6:15 pm

Next meeting November 19th 5pm at Confucius Hall

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