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PTO Minutes, Aug, 2014

August 27, 2014

Present at the meeting:  Matt Finnegan, Steve Setera, Amanda Setera, Nakula Hertz, Nataindra, Juan Garcia, Jin Jr Shi, Jin Rau, Michele Suo, Ying Tao Zhang, Yu Zeng, Kelly Chan, Rachel Robison, Kasuna Chong, Judy Hemmigan, Debbie Parker, Bo Chian, Athena J., Ping Huang, Glenn Alvarez, Lia Patterson.

Call to order 5:05PM by President Steve Setera-Introductions sign in and raffle sign up.


  1. Welcome
  2. Vice President Vacancy
  3. Introductions
  4. Financial Reports
  5. Boys and Girls School reports
  6. New Business

5:11: Introductions.

5:12: Announcement of VP vacancy and request to nominations, no nominations at meeting.

5:15- Old Business: Girls PTO picnics moved from 9/6/14 to 9/20/14 to happen at the same time as the Willits creak clean up and visit to the Mendocino County Museum.  Saturday 9/20/14 will be Girls School PTO picnic.

5:23 Boys School report: The Boy’s School has revised the seating at lunch and are using a buddy system.  The changes are keeping the volume lower at lunch time.  Moon festival will be next Saturday with a play and potluck.

5:25-Girls school Report: The Girls School is selling planners with cover art from one of the students.  Orientation went well; Girls played name games, Ro Sham Bo, meditated, and sang the school song.  They want to have the school song more prevalent this year.

5:15- Girls School Principle Report:

Jin Jr Shi for Girls school- Informs that a major Chinese TV broadcaster was at school filming.  She is sending out releases for students to sign if they wish to have their images used in the broadcast.

New Business: Lia Patterson asks if the dining hall is aware if any of the food served contains GMO products.  Jin Jir Shi explains that there is not a single source of Rice or other staples.  Many items are from donations and the origin is not always known.  Pto president Setera explains that he would prefer to not have GMO anything served at the dining hall.  Item tabled for further discussion and information.

Michelle Lum wins $10 gift certificate to the CO-OP

Discussion about time and day of the week for future meetings.  Consensus that Wednesdays at 5pm is good and that meetings will not be every month.

Meeting adjourned 5:50pm

Next meeting September 24thth 5pm Confucius Hall

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