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PTO Minutes, Apr, 2014

April 24, 2014

Present at the meeting: Steve Setera, John Haschak, Matt Finnegan, Amanda Setera, Nakula Hertz, Ting Chih, Rex Lin, Ryan Liu, Nataindra, Tray Chen, Crystal So, Jin Kai, May Chew, Laura Wedderburn, Ping Huang, Juan Juan Yeap, David Duong, Juan Garcia, Jin Jr Shi.

Call to order 4:40 PM by President Steve Setera-Introductions, sign in and raffle sign up.


  1. Welcome
  2. Introductions
  3. Financial Reports
  4. Boys and Girls School reports
  5. New Business

4:50 Boys School report:

Rex Lin and Ryan Liu Report: Volley Ball season is going. Lost a match but still excited. It is a co-ed team being played in the City Of Ukiah League. Today the Lion Dragon Drum performed at the Consolidated Tribal Office.

4:52- Old Business:

  • Cho and Steve report that the Boy’s PTO field trip is going forward with 13 people signed up.
  • Steve reports that new Medical devices and equipment have been ordered with most of it already having been delivered.
  • Cho Requests PTO authorizes $250 to purchase food for the Boys PTO trip- Approved.
  • School vans have been replaced. Discussion about school van’s vs. private vans. PTO takes position of recommending that the School purchase maintain and insure school vans.

5:05-Drawing for Gift Certificate- Cho wins $10 Co-Op Gift Cert

5:06-Girls school Report:

  • Crystal So and Tracy Chen report:
  • Girls School celebrated Earth day and Easter with Costumes/Recycling. Veggie dip and lots of fun.
  • Senior Trip was to Lake Tahoe/Reno, went boating, saw snow, and went to Reno Art Museum.
  • April7th Chinese competition- 3 Students got 1st place.
  • May 16th and 17th will be girl’s school overnight.
  • 5/24-25 will be alumni day

5:10-Boys Principle Report:

Juan Garcia for Boys school- Elementary school got water to the garden, hoping to have strawberries. Ap test in about one week. Soccer and Basketball tournament in San Jose 5/17-18.

5:15- Girls School Principle Report:

Jin Jr Shi for Girls school- Accreditation update: 75% of the goals are being reached, working on improving teacher evaluations/support, teacher mentoring, planning community of core values and annual report back to PTO.

Call for nominations: all present officers are the only nominations for election.

Suggestions for PTO participation- Advertise child care, advertise food, possibly less meetings.

Meeting adjourned 5:33pm

Next meeting May 22 2014 5pm

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