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PTO Minutes, Feb, 2014

February  20, 2014


Present at the meeting: Steve Setera, John Haschak, Matt Finnegan, Jennifer O’Brien, Amanda Setera, Nakula Hertz, Ting Chih, Rex Lin, Ryan Liu, Nataindra, Tray Chen, Crystal So.
Call to order 6:12PM by President Steve Setera-Introductions, sign in and raffle sign up.

6:13-Financial Report:
Jennifer O’Brien Distributes and explains February 2014 Treasurer’s report. Increase of $105 noted by Jennifer. Motion to Approve report, Matt Finnegan- Second John Haschak. Motion passes.

6:17- Old Business: Matt Finnegan inquires about progress on donation of fencing materials from Friedman’s Home improvement. Steve Setra reports that he has submitted invoice and the fence has been completed. Thanks Steve.

6:18- New Business: Steve Setra updates the group on the success of the New Year celebration downtown Ukiah. It was a good performance and celebration despite the rain.

6:20-Girls school Report: Crystal So and Tracy Chen report: San Francisco China Town event went well, 3 seniors attended and handed materials out from a booth at the event.
Club events- Basket Ball going well, 2 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie. Track and Field starts next week, United Nations club will do overnight trip on March 1st awards for prosecution attorney and witnesses, 2 weeks ago Mendocino poetry event (one student will be competing at the State finials), Valentines Day party went well, Community service Club will be returning to Mexico this year for community service (looking for chaperones), March 10th Big dining Hall.

6:26 -Boys School report:
Rex Lin and Ryan Liu Report: Basketball going well- 1 win, 3 losses- Junior High is undefeated, Boys School vested the Oakland Museum last weekend, There is a nice online video of the Boys School Lion-Dragon-Drum, Senior Trip planned for Yosemite 3/1 to 3/7 with a few days spent in the Bay Area.

6:31- New Business:
Girls School field trip update- 32 children and 13 adults signed up, transportation is set. Motion to contribute for transportation gas cost of $500 by John Haschak, second by Matt Finnegan. Motion passes.

Drawing winner: Rex Liu

Meeting adjourned 6:48 pm

Next meeting March 20th 2014 6pm

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