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PTO Minutes, Nov, 2013

November 21, 2013


Present at the meeting:  Steve Setera, John Haschak, Matt Finnegan, Jennifer O’Brien, Mack Bostick, Dwight Adams, Amanda Setera, Xznyz Adams, Zhao Qiu, Jin Jr, Glen Alvarez, Jin Rou.

Call to order 6:07 PM by President Steve Setera

Introductions sign in sheet and raffle sign up.

6:08– Minutes from last meeting distributed, reviewed and approved.

6:09 -Boys School report:
Benjamin (Vice President) report’s the Halloween party went great, they had a bounce house which was expensive but seemed to be enjoyed.  The ASE received $400 after expenses.  The Boy’s School is planning on doing a Christmas Party where they will decorate and sell origami on December 13th Time to be announced.  They are hoping to raise another $400 from this event.  Honoring elder’s day went well and had a great time.

6:15-Girls school Report:
Isabel, Annabel (12th grade rep) and Tracy (Vice President) Report that the Girls School 9th grade is promoting an adopt- a-Turkey program; $30 donation will save a Turkey from being slaughtered.  8th grade is doing project Christmas, where the students pack gift boxes with donated goods to be given to those in need.  The Girls School has 10 music recitals coming, the next being on November 26th at 4:15 at Chan Hall.  The Girls School will be attending the Mendocino Symphony on December 18th.  The Halloween party raised Money for new basketballs and funds to use for the Model U.N., 15% will go the ASB, $70 dollars will be donated to the Philippines to help out with the recent disaster.  Girls are selling a hat, scarf and glove set for $20 and umbrellas for $15.  Both have the school logo on them.

6:34- Update and reminder that Boys PTO field trip scheduled for 4/18 & 4/19.  Girls PTO field Trip is scheduled for 2/15/14.

6:15-Financial Report:
Jennifer O’Brien Distributes and explains a sided document that has year end accounting from June 2013 an this months financial statements.  Motion to approve both documents’s unanimously approved.  $1800 dollar check approved to purchase gift cards for teachers.  Cards passed around to sign for teachers.  $500 dollars approved for spending on teachers banquet.

New Business:

6:28- PTO asked to help with getting fence material donated to the school from Friedman’s.  Matt Finnegan and Steve Setera both volunteer to measure and get a materials list.

Drawing winners: Glenn Alvarez and John Haschak.

Meeting adjourned 7:01 pm

Next meeting January 23rd 2014 6pm

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