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PTO Minutes, Oct, 2013

October 17, 2013


1. Meeting was called to order at 6.08 PM.
2. Began with Jin Rou Shr leading a 5 minute guided meditation
3. Old Business: discussed the “Invite a Family” event of Sat 12 Oct. Jin Jr Shr said they received two new applications
4. New Business: Handed out flyers and briefly discussed Priscilla Yeh’s “Parenting Workshop”
5. Girl’s School Report: Four seniors participated in a panel discussion with the Humboldt State University students; Community Service Club visited the Mountain View Retirement Center for an hour of chatting and fun with the elderly residents; Saturday 19th the girls will participate in the Buddhist Global Relief 3.2 mile walk in SF; Halloween party 6PM – 8.30PM Friday November 1, admission $2; October 26th the Mendo College Physics teacher will give an astronomy lesson at 7.30PM at the Girls’ School.
6. Boys’ School report: Saturday October 5 the boys performed the Lion Dance, Dragon Dance and 24-Season drumming at CDR’s Honoring Elders event; the first edition of the new School Newsletter was successful; today was school photo day which was used to take Yearbook picture getting off to a quicker start than normal; Halloween party November 1, 4.30-9.30 for which they will have a “Bouncy House.” PTO agreed to cover the costs up to $200 – Ms Zhao Qiu will source suppliers and inform Mr Koo for Rex; Monday 14th several boys traveled to Palo Alto to attend a College Fair.
7. PTO Field Trips: the girls have scheduled February 15 and will select a “Green” venue before next meeting. The boys will select a date and venue before Monday’s school meeting.
8. Monthly Co-op Gift Certificate drawing: winner – Ms Ping Huang
9. Next meeting: 6.00-7.00PM November 21
Added note: Girls’ Division and Boys’ Division will jointly hold the CTTB Honoring Elders Day Saturday 9.30 – … Theme: “Wisdom From The Past”
10. Meeting adjourned: 6.55PM
Matt was unable to attend due to traffic jams and John is taking care of his daughter Flor following her surgery – may she get well soon. A card was circulated around for signatures which Jennifer will pass to John.
1. Steve Setera
2. Amanda setera
3. Sun Ying Min (Ying Min Sun)
4. Hong Hong Ji (Athena)
5. Ping Huang
6. Nakula Hertz
7. Natindra
8. Zhao Qiu
9. Jin Jr Shi
10. Crystal So
11. Tracy Chen
12. Judy Zhu
13. Jin Rou
14. Rex Lin
15. Benjamin Phua
16. Jennifer O’Brien

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