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PTO Minutes, Sep, 2013

September 12, 2013
Present at the meeting:Present at the meeting: Steve Setera, Matt Finnegan, Jennifer O’Brien, Shasta Jameson-Green, Dwight Adams, Celine Adams, Amanda Setera, Lindsay Delgado, David Delgado, Julia Mark, Bo Chian, Paul Spangenberg, Zhao Qiu, Yingming Sun, K.B. Lo, Nakula Hertz, Freeda Burnstad, Jin Jr, Qing Shu Fang, Liping, Lia Patterson, Ana Pringles, Troy Bass, Karne Spencer, and Ashley Huynh.

Call to order 6:00 PM by President Steve Setera

Introductions sign in sheet and raffle sign up.

6:14– Julia Passes out Family day Flyer and explains its purpose. Discussion about how best to help with Family day. PTO asked if we could help by making a snack and bringing a local family. Snack sign up sheet passed around.

6:20– Jennifer O’Brien passes out a proposed budget for coming school year. Discussion about budget. Motion to approve proposed budget by Matt Finnegan, Second by Steve Setera. Motion passes without objection.

6:26– Discussion of PTO picnic and the lack of any set dates. Discussion about having it the same day as the Peace hike on September 21. It is decided that the PTO Girls School Picnic will be on Saturday September 21st simultaneously with the Peace Hike at Lake Mendocino.

6:33– Steve Setera starts discussion about PTO field trips. Suggests that Fort Mason Hostel in San Francisco might be a good place. Jennifer Obrien asks that both schools inform the PTO of the dates for both schools as soon as possible.

6:35-Girls school Report:
Crystal (President), Annabel (12th grade rep) and Tracy (Vice President) Report that the Girls School has 124 students. They have had daily organizer/planners made as a fund raiser to sell to students. $3.50 a piece. Girls School is planning a welcome back to school party with games, activities, campout and movies. This will be for the Junior High and High School Girls. The Girls are planning on making meals for the teachers on Teacher Appreciation Day 9/27/13. Girls School is promoting a “Green School”, Green cleaners, recycled paper products, sugarcane products and garbage can signs. Girls School has ping pong and cross country clubs this year. On October 19th the Girls will participate in a 5 mile walk to feed the hungry in San Francisco. They will be doing the sister bonding this year where each student will be given a fact about their sister and then have to find their sister based on the fact.

6:43 -Boys School report:
Rex (President) and Benjamin (Vice President) report that the Boy’s School took 1st place in the state Chinese competition and 4th place at the national. Boys Lion Dragon and drum went to Canada to perform, 16 hour drive was pretty long. October 6th- Lion Dragon Drum will be at Dharma City in Sacramento. Next Friday September 20th at 7pm will be the Moon Festival at Confucius Hall with a banquet and moon cakes. This year the big kids and little kids will pair up in walking to Lunch, this is a good thing. The Boy’s have been invited to Trinidad to train and stay at a martial arts school, they will be fundraising for their plane fair.

New Business:
Freeda Asks the PTO if one of the Van’s could be used to pick up students in potter Valley, approximately 15 kids. She is willing to pay for it. Also inquires if PTO would make a bulk order of Organic Uniforms for next year because it is hard to get organic uniforms.

Freeda asks about the use of GMO’s in the school food. Specifically if the Rice is GMO or the Oil. The response is the school avoids these things if at all possible but some things are donations or part of the food programs. I which case the person from the kitchen who does the ordering does not ask for food items known to be GMO. Freeda is told that she can participate with the staff on the ordering and her help would be appreciated.

6:58– Steve Setra announces that the traffic patterns for dropping off and picking up students will stay the same as last year. Steve also informs the group of an accident the first week of school and that there will be 2 stop signs reinstalled on the main entrance.

Jin Jr asks if we can look into getting a Skype conference call so that out of the area parents can join in on the meetings. It is agreed that this is a good Idea and should be looked into.

Meeting adjourned 7:01 pm

Next meeting October 17th, 2013 6pm

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