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PTO Minutes, Apr, 2013

April 18, 2013

Present at the meeting: John Haschak, Steve Setera, Ping Huang, Nataindra, Heng Yin, Nakula Hertz,Matt Finnegan, Ann Vo, May Chew, Mack Bostwick, and Ming Greng.

Call to order 6:06 PM

Status of Field Trips-

Boy’s field trip.

It is reported that the Boys School wishes to hold their field trip. John confirms that the retreat property is still available and all is confirmed. 11 boys are signed up for the trip. Ann volunteers to help and makes phone calls to get help with the food prep, shopping and cooking. PTO will send out contacts for Boys School drivers and helpers.John agrees to help coordinate. Sally says she can coordinate transportation. Ann says she can coordinate the food prep and shopping and that her husband will help with the cooking.

Girl’s Field trip.

Indra reports-Jennifer O’Brien has it covered with food and cooking. Marguerite has the activities covered. 6-10 families are signed up along with 8-10 dorm students. It is this weekend.

Boys School report:

Rex (junior rep) and Tom (freshman rep) give report.

Boys Lion Dragon Drum performs in the LA area at PPC. Very nice photos shown from the community college newspaper. They visited Cal Tech and UC Irvine also.

They incorporated a play in this years cherishing youth day and thought it went well.

Girls school Report:

Returned from Mexico trip, much success with construction and funds to build a new room. Doing a school wide project with purple bracelet worn and changed from wrist to wrist every time you complain. Made welcome signs for the WASC visit. Earth day coming up on 4/22/13, going to have a class plant for each room.

New Business:

Nomination of officers

PTO officer nominations:

Steve Setera- President – Nomination by Matt and John)

John Haschak- Vice President – Nomination by Matt and Steve

Jennifer O’Brien-Treasurer- Nomination by Steve and John

Matt Finnegan- Secretary – Nomination by Steve and John


Steve Setera: Boy’s 7th and 8th grade are performing a virtue play April 23rd at 8 am. It is a play written and directed by them about virtue. Open to all boy’s school and parents from both schools. Secretary Finnegan to send out email announcement prior to play inviting parents.

Meeting adjourned 7:01 pm

Next meeting May 9th, 2013  6:00 pm

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