Parent Teacher Org

PTO Minutes, Feb, 2013

February 7, 2013

Present at the meeting: John Haschak, Steve Setera, Ping Huang,Jin Rou, Nataindra, Heng Yin, Glen Alvarez, Laura Wedderburn, Steve Setra, Amanda Setera, Nakula Hertz, and Kawika Liu.


  • Introductions and Welcome
  • Approval of Minutes and Agenda
  • Presidents Report
  • Treasurer’s report: Deposits for field trip approved.

Boys School report:

  • CNY- report
  • CNY Monday afternoon with potluck- Feb. 11th
  • Feb. 23rd– City of Ukiah CNY celebration.
  • Feb. 17th-19th– Oakland Museum

Girls school Report:

  • Video Presentation
    Ugandan Children- Since 2008, 2.4 million Orphans; 25,000 Kidnapped by LRA since 1986, you can support 3 children for $90 per month- Education, family empowerment, health& HIV/AIDS program.
  • New project- Save the children provides Medical support, raise awareness, education and necessities.
  • New Business:
    Funding request for Girls school garden, 23’X 50’. $80 requested for materials and construction. Motion for funding passed, check to be written.
  • Next year plan, Heng Yin- more community outreach/students in service. Student shadowing. Possible computer website club.

Next meeting March 7th, 2013 6pm.

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