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PTO Minutes, Dec, 2012

December 13, 2012

Present at the meeting: John Haschak, Matt Finnegan, Steve Setera, Jennifer O’Brien, Tracey Tu, Ping Huang, Jin Rou, Nataindra, Heng Yin, David Duong, Gwo Fang, Glen Alvarez, Laura Wedderburn, Steve Setra, Amanda Setra.

6:05 PM-Call to Order by President John Haschak.

Approval of Minutes from November meeting.

6:10 PM- Introductions and announcements. PTO spring trip dates- Girls School 4/20/13, Boys School 4/27/13. K-12 are welcome with parents to attend the trips. Discussion of how peaceful and nice the location is.

6:15 PM- Girl’s School Report:

Student Body President and Vice President give presentation. The girls have started a sister system to help support each other, they have sister Yoga planned for Wednesday the 19th. The Girls are preparing for the Christmas banquet, singing and potluck. Freshman went to plowshares to help prepare meals for the homeless at thanksgiving.They are planning on returning to help with Christmas dinner, including games, songs, and decorations for Christmas. All of the feed back from their volunteering at plowshares has been very positive.

Video’ made by the high school girls AP English students were shown. Topic of benefit with nature and how it affects you. The ideas were impressive and entertaining.

PTO- consensus is that we need to find a good gym nearby for the Boys to practice. Vic and Steve are going to collaborate on finding out what the team is entitled to through the city league and other possible options closer, safer and cheaper than the Hopland option.

6:40 pm-Treasurer’s report: Treasurer Jennifer O’Brien states 1,800 dollars have been spent on gifts and cards for the teachers of both schools and they are available for parents to sign at the meeting.

6:45-7pm- Card signing and meeting adjourned.

Next meeting February 7, 2013 6:00 pm.

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