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PTO Minutes, Nov, 2012

November 15, 2012

Present at the meeting: John Haschak, Matt Finnegan, Steve Setera, Jennifer O’Brien, Mack Bostick, Vic Smith,Ping Huang, Jin Rou, Nataindra, Heng Yin.

6:05 PM-Call to Order by President John Haschak.

Approval of Minutes from October 18th meeting, as amended by Jennifer.

6:06 PM – Boy’s School Report:

  • Boy’s school participated in the Halloween carnival and haunted house. Raised approximately $170 dollars that will go to the ASB fund
  • Boy’s school is looking for a practice gym for basketball practice. Have been looking into Hopland Rancheria gym but the cost is $100 dollars per practice, they have been told the city league assigned them the Trinity School Gym but it is not the best practice gym. They are looking into their options.
  • Steve Setera comments that the Hopland gym is not ideal because the cost (weekly charge, gas and time) plus the drive to and from is a dangerous road to be traveling at night with the students. Optimal practice would be at least 1 time per week.
  • PTO- consensus is that we need to find a good gym nearby for the Boys to practice. Vic and Steve are going to collaborate on finding out what the team is entitled to through the city league and other possible options closer, safer and cheaper than the Hopland option.

6:15 pm – Treasurer’s report:

Treasurer Jennifer O’Brien presents financial report for this month. Report approved. Treasurer makes a motion to allocate the profits (65.77) from the sweatshirt sales to the boys and girls school specifically the Mexico trip.Discussion about pro rating the money between both schools as agreed last year. Motion passes unanimously for prorated allocation.

6:20 PM –  Girl’s School report:

  • Julie Vice president and Cindy senior class representative give report.
  • Students watched a video “pick up America” and are planning on organizing “pick up CTTB” where they will pick up trash on the grounds of the city and sort it for recycling.
  • November 10th Honoring Elders Day went well and the feedback from attendees was positive- “good atmosphere”, “heartwarming”, “enjoyed the Usher service” overall very positive feedback.
  • Girl’s school raised 300 dollars for charity at the Halloween party/carnival. Plan on donating to homeless food program like plowshares.
  • Girls are planning on making thank you poster kitchen staff and cupcakes for Monks and teachers this week in honor of thanksgiving.
  • There are plans for the girls to volunteer to help serve and prepare at plowshare, Jennifer O’Brien volunteers to help with transportation to and from.

6:30 PM – Old Business:

  • Food Trays have been switched to the non melamine type so situation has been resolved.
  • Boy’s field Trip scouting trip by John and Steve, Mountain retreat in Willits looks like a good spot to have field trip. Motion to reserve date and make a deposit made and approved unanimously. Motion includes making a tentative reservation for Girls school field trip on a separate date, also approved unanimously.
  • Teacher appreciation cards and gift certificates for the last day of school, December 19th are discussed and approved. Jennifer OBrien is going to purchase the cards and gifts as soon and she gets a list of all teachers.Discussion of possible teacher banquet, no official action taken.

General Business:

  • Steve Setera reports on safety and security- Plans are under way to have more control at the entry gate to the city. Possibly having a person at the gate 24hours 7 days a week with some type of pass/sticker for frequent visitors/parents. There was an inspection by insurance agent and the schools are starting to replace and cover all light fixtures to be earthquake compliant. Plans to secure all cabinets for the same purpose.
  • Mr. Bostick reports that the WASC accreditation is continuing and that he will send out the latest report via email.
  • Matt Finnegan asks for direction on emails, should be they all be BCC? Told that all PTO emails from now on should be in the BCC format.

Next meeting December 13th 2012 6pm

Meeting adjourned 6:55 pm

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